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Cd-writer Error Report (please Help To Analyse)

Hi everyone,

I have just completed a complete disc format and software re-install. Now, when i try to make a backup copy of an audio CD, the following error message is flagged by CloneCD:

"Failed to get the disc information. Is the disc empty?"

I have already tried the following remedies:

1] Numerous other blank cd's of different brands in the CD Writer.

2] Trying to use other CD writing software such as Feurio, PlexTools, Nero. All with similar results.

However, when i use Exact Audio Copy (EAC) to create a wave image file and cue sheet first, this CDImage writes to the CD-Writer perfectly every time.

I use the following hardware: UltraPlex 40Max SCSI CD-R and a PlexWriter 401240 IDE CR-RW on a P4 PC. Force ASPI layer software installed (4.60). Playback using WinAmp (v2.80) from any reader is perfect.

Can anyone shed any light on this problem and how to cure it? Your assistance is greatly appreciated.


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