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I recently purchased a few different varities of CDRs. I dont have the ATIPs right now, but these are the brands and dyes used:

1. TraxData (Silver) - very cheap - uses Ritek. Didn't like them at all - poor build.

2. Samsung Gold Premium - "Blue printed 24X Guaranteed" - uses ProDisc

3. Samsung Silver Premium - neatly written ring company name in a circular ring - good build - 32X Max speed - uses Prodisc

4. Samsung 'coated CDRs' - various colors - Black, Blue, Red etc. - excellent build quality (reminds me of HP) - uses Prodisc.

Any opinions on these brands. Thus far they seem to be good. I have burnt a few of these. Unfortunately my LG 8240B does not report C2 errors, so I cannot use CDSpeed to check for quality.

All these CDRs can be seen at:
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