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Docker Foobar2000 Image

I see someone has created a Foobar2000 image for Docker! I would love to be able to get a foobar install running on my synology device but I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to Docker. Anyone out there have some expertise in running Docker who might be able to point me in the right direction?

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Re: Docker Foobar2000 Image

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Foobar is the only app I have found that accommodates my use of cue sheets coupled with custom tags to best sort my library. By having a docker foobar instance on my NAS I will be finally able to stream my music in the way that I have it setup on my main PC.

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For one thing, Synology devices are typically ARM powered, and this Docker will only run on x86 or x86_64 devices. Much like anything that requires wine, since wine is not an emulator, it requires the host architecture to be compatible with the applications you'll be running.

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Only some Synology NAS  are capable of running Docker, such as my DS920+. I think I read somewhere that Synology NAS with a "+" at the end are Docker capable. With the new DSM 7, Docker is the only way to run some things like Logitech Media Server and, at initial DSM 7 rollout, Plex.

Has anyone been successful at running foobar200 in a Docker container?

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There are some who say 'Why' would you want to run foobar2000 in Docker.

Phillipe Watel, who is the force behind MusiChi, in an interview advocated using Audio Optimizer+ Fidelizer Pro on a PC to shut down unnecessary processes to turn that PC into a capable music streamer with low jitter. Wouldn't it be good to run a player on a NAS that already does not have all the Windows stuff jittering up the place?

Thus just run foobar2000 on a NAS with the music loaded in RAM so even the hard drives are off. Searching could be done separately on a PC and sent over to the NAS.

Make sense?


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Did you notice this thread was over four years old before you replied? Thread necromancy = NO.

foobar2000 in Docker is a brain damaged idea, and whoever Phillipe Watel is, he does not understand anything about computers, operating systems, DSP or sound reproduction. I suggest you seek advice from smarter people, and I recommend this forum as a starting point, but make a new thread or participate in active ones when you do.