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Topic: Bug? (1.6.8) files get "corrupted" when the embedded cuesheet has a minor error (Read 235 times) previous topic - next topic
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Bug? (1.6.8) files get "corrupted" when the embedded cuesheet has a minor error

Noticed when I accidentally tried to save an embedded cue sheet in a FLAC that had two tracks with the same time (both were set to 00:00:00 in this instance), everything else on the sheet was formatted correctly. Instantly got an error message that the file was an unsupported format or corrupted file, and it stays that way - I'm unable to correct the problem, the file seems permanently unplayable in foobar. Dropped the file into Winamp and it loaded just fine, and was able to correct the cuesheet there, which restored it back to functional in foobar.