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Play MKA file and show the Chapters name

Hi all,

I have several mp3 file (>500) and I wuold like to merge them in just one file, with an index. I am using MKVToolNix to merge all the files in just one MKA file, creating a Chapter for each of them, it seems to work.

If I open the MKA file with VLC, the player correctly identify the Chapters, showing them in the timeline and in the list of Chapters. If I try with foobar2000 (I drag&drop the MKA file in the playlist), it is correctly shown as split in several items, one for each Chapter but I have no clue how to display the Chapter name (which is visible in VLC). So far I managed only to display %subsong%, which is a numeric index of the chapter, but not it's name.

Any advice if/how is it possible to show also the Chapter name of a MKA file in foobar2000?

Thank you!

Re: Play MKA file and show the Chapters name

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I guess foobar2000 just can't show MKA file chapter names. But, if you want, you can tag your MKA file in foobar2000.

Re: Play MKA file and show the Chapters name

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I have found some indications in another post:

Basically the behavior of foobar2000 depends on the presence of Global Tags in the MKA file. If any Global Tag is present then foobar2000 reads it and ignores the Chapters structure specified in the MKA file.

I found out that mkvmerge, the program I am using to merge the MP3s in a MKA file, writes by default some statistical information as Global Tags in the MKA file. This particular behavior is described here:

Luckily mkvmerge supports a specific option: --disable-track-statistics-tags that prevents the program from writing in the Global Tags.

As result I managed to obtain a MKA file without Global Tag, in this situation foobar2000 actually takes into consideration the chapters description in the MKA file and correctly display them as title, splitting the file in multiple items in the playlist, one for each chapter. It seems like a fallback solution that foobar2000 follows when Tags are not present.

Hope this will help someone else in the future.  :D

Re: Play MKA file and show the Chapters name

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@Peter - this is a quite common application for generating Matroska, so maybe consider to handle the ways it writes tags?
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Re: Play MKA file and show the Chapters name

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Can you please send me a short sample Matroska file where fb2k fails to show chapter names?
Samples that I generated all seem to work fine (chapter names shown).
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