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New UI Element (or workaround) wanted

What I want seems simple to me. 

I want an album art viewer that can be clicked on to play/pause current playback. Something someone has probably written, but I cannot find.

Any help appreciated.

Re: New UI Element (or workaround) wanted

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Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel) and  JScript Panel (similar components) have clickable script that displays album art. I didn't try it but I'm guessing it should be possible to modify the default command to play/pause.


Re: New UI Element (or workaround) wanted

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If you install the spider monkey component go to the following folder path under Foobar's profile folder: user-components\foo_spider_monkey_panel\samples\complete.  There is a script named album art.js. Load spider monkey into a panel and import this script.  Edit the script and add the following statement.  I used the middle mouse button because the left and right buttons are being used.  If you need more details, let me know.

function on_mouse_mbtn_up(x, y) {