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Title: Resume playback after queue
Post by: Dawidsu on 2021-04-06 13:14:09
This is my first post, hello everybody! Foobar has been on my computer for a long time, but recently I decided to use it as my primary music player. However, there seems to be a playback option missing that's a deal breaker for me. After the queue runs out, I would like the playback to be resumed from the state before anything was queued.

For example, say I've got 10 tracks in the playlist. Track 04 is playing. I'm enqueueing Track 07 and Track 09. After 04 ends, 07 starts playing, followed by 09 and all is well. But then Track 10 starts playing, when I want it to go back to the previous order and play Track 05 as it would have normally.

I realize I could use "Playback follows cursor", but then I would have to pay attention to where my cursor is all the time. I could also enqueue Track 05 at the end, but that is a tedious workaround. Either way, the process lacks automatisation.

I searched the forum and from what I gathered there is no option now to make Foobar behave as I'd like it to. Is there any way this can be added as a Playback choice in an update? Or maybe there is some component I don't know about that would to that?

I'd be glad to receive any help here. I really like Foobar more and more, but the queue behavior seriously puts me off.