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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by paregistrase -
installing msxml3 bio stop to lag and crashes but even with wsh57 and mdac28 it doesn't download images. Same for the thumbs script in samples.

The text data and clipboard work in samples and bio and i can copy and paste in bio and library view.

In the system console there's a lot of

Code: [Select]
err:ole:CoGetClassObject no class object {6c736db1-bd94-11d0-8a23-00aa00b58e10} could be created for context 0x1

In the foobar console all normal.

this with a new foobar instalation with only SMP and biography. My normal foobar still freezes and crash.

Doesn't seem to be a long time solution.
foobar2000 mobile / Casting from FB2K android
Last post by ajmusson -
I have a music library on a Synology NAS on a home wifi network. With BubbleUpnp I can stream music via my Android phone to a Chromecast or Google Speaker (no PC involved). With Android FB2K on the phone (again no PC involved) I cannot see how to do this. What am I missing?

NB I am aware from reading around that there is a different approach using a phone to control FB on a PC; I am looking for a phone only solution. BubbleUpnp does it - I can't understand why I can't .

There is an option for "Play location" in which I have tried the ip address of one of the devices ( and its name (Kitchen speaker). Neither works - I get "Object not found". Maybe I have the wrong syntax. Any ideas would be appreciated.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by marc2k3 -
Well I've only been testing my scripts and they work fine. SMP v1.5.2 with samples\complete\js\helpers.js from here...

Just tried a WIlB's bio and got a few unresponsive script dialogs (from the component - I've seen the same on windows). Clicking stop makes the component crash. If you continue, it did eventually work and display all images/text as expected.

I guess how well it works depends entirely on the script and may be host (mine was VMware, not a proper install)

edit: georgia reborn seems unusable on my setup. I can get the initial layout showing but it's totally unresponsive with these WINE popups.

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Title Bar (dotnet_title_bar)
Last post by anamorphic -
Well, could be a false alarm? I'm having trouble replicating the excessive CPU...

At first I thought the issue was from using the original skin folder location - `%profile%\foo_title` - so closed foobar and moved my skin to the new location - `%profile%\foo_dotnet_component_host\components\dotnet_title_bar\skins` - and CPU usage appears to be at normal levels again. (Bit of a long path mind you).

Then I thought to confirm, I'll move the folder back, restart foobar and guess what - normal CPU levels. No idea what caused it the first time.

Now just testing both foo_title and dotnet_title_bar in duplicate foobars / settings, at least happy to know I cannot pick up any difference in CPU between the two versions (it fluctuates of course, but letting it settle, they both play minimized around 1-3% CPU using exclusive output with overlay visible)

So, I dunno, apologizes for any wasted time on that. ;) I'll keep experimenting and if anything goes off, I'll send you a PM with the theme zipped. No time for now.

(By the way, not sure if I was supposed to check out the dev build (?), but the link says "access denied" so I guess not...)
FLAC / Re: Undithered digital silence causing problems
Last post by Rollin -
Create a compile-time option, so a special libFLAC with this enabled can be distributed for use with FLAC streaming server applications. This can only be used for such applications where FLAC is dynamically linked (in other words, libFLAC is a dll or so)
And who can guarantee that some incompetent person will not include such special libFLAC into some application for offline encoding? And then users of this application will ask: "Why FLAC compresses digital silence so poor?"
Lossless / Other Codecs / Re: "Tested": codecs for the effect of stereo decorrelation (mid/side)
Last post by Porcus -
One bad-ass track, for what it is worth:
Merzbow: "I Lead You Towards Glorious Times".

There are genres that messes up good codecs, and this is the least compressible CDDA track in my collection. Some compression tests here. ("my final" test, my ass ... too curious. Rehab is for quitters.)

Anyway, because this is noise, one would not expect much help from stereo - indeed, tests show that the stereo file isn't much compressible from PCM, so there cannot have been much eh? Still codecs behave different. These are sorted by stereo size (mono size maintains that order except between LA -high and -high -noseek).

stereo kBmono kBstereo − monoleft − right
I tried to get three settings from each encoder: normal, high and maximal. OFR 10 was chosen as maximal by mistake, and kept as high when I discovered --preset max, and then ... Other choices were a bit ... arbitrary. The new FLAC beta produces bit-identical audio to 1.3.1, so the new "-9 -p -e" was a candidate for max (it didn't squeeze much out).

*The file fools OptimFrog's --preset max big time. And the LA's come out in the wrong order.
* I've known since long that TAK doesn't like this piece of music, and Monkey's is even worse. Those return bigger files than the WAV. But TAK in the very least can utilize stereo.
* Indeed less than half these files can get help from stereo here. FLAC does, as these presets (which include -m) pretty much brute-force searches the stereo options. TAK does even better. Two OFR modes do, so here there actually might be some support to froggy claims that it can make pretty good sense out of stereo.
* The two good WavPacks and the two good OFRs disagree with everything else about what channel should be smallest. Maybe because they are the only to make good sense out of the right channel.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by paregistrase -
Ah man so he already must to know about it because that was his response about the issue when he solves the data download for wine.  :))

Well, TheQwertiest seems to be busy with his real life problems so we have to wait a little bit more.

About the broken https; yes, 100% confirmed.

Oh sorry, fast reading.

ie6 not breaking.

I'll test it.