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Which EAX setting I should set on XP?

I have a Creative SOund Blaster Audigy sound card and ive been using windows 7 with the latest sound card drivers.'
Now Ive switched to XP and im also using the latest drivers. Ive noticed that on XP the music sounds different (worse) than on windows 7.
On windows 7 the sound is richer, clearer and snares are sharper and ive never been setting anything except installing the drivers.
Ive been experimenting a bit and ive found out that it looks like its the EAX settings that are making that difference.

The "Guitar Grunge" EAX option set at 100% makes the music sound similar to windows 7, but still not that much good.

Setting up "Concert Hall" at 100% sounds very similar to windows 7 but theres too much reverb.

Any ideas?

Which EAX setting I should set on XP?

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try to use No Effects. DSP is disgusting.

also try to use kernel streaming with whatever player you have. Maybe even ASIO.

Which EAX setting I should set on XP?

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Acctually, it turned out that the sound in XP is worse because its set to 5.1 channel and Im using stereo speakers.
Its easy to set the sound to 2.0 in control panel-> sound setting, but the problem is that after every reboot it resets to 5.1 channels setting. The creative audio console is configured to 2.0 and to synchronize with control panel, but I still have to reset to 2.0 in control panel.

Any ideas for fix?


Which EAX setting I should set on XP?

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It turned out that its the latest driver making bad sound. I installed old driver and sound is fine now... still 5.1 setup after every reboot.

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