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MP3 - General / Re: Lame 3.100 has been released
Last post by Case -
tmkk's binaries aren't just a different compile. They use replacement functions that are faster but also produce different results.
MP3 - General / Re: Lame 3.100 has been released
Last post by eahm -
Very good and almost as fast as tmkk (~55x vs ~60x), will test more tomorrow.

I don’t know how he compiled, is there any reason we shouldn’t use tmkk?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_wave_seekbar
Last post by Zao -
I've implemented a feature in my other seekbar component, foo_wave_minibar, which might tickle your fancy.

It's a context menu item to generate a HTML-based report page for the the selected tracks which it opens in your default browser.
The report currently requires you to scan any waveforms ahead of time, as I still have no way to scan non-playing waveforms on demand.

The component is designed to only store waveforms across sessions if the songs are in the media library, any other waveforms scanned only last for the active session and are dropped on exit.

Do give it a try, see if it helps you - foo_wave_minibar-1.26.fb2k-component
MP3 - General / Re: Lame 3.100 has been released
Last post by john33 -
Corrected compiles uploaded. 32 bit and 64 bit versions tested on system without the Intel libraries present and load and work fine. 'More haste, less speed' called for, methinks! ;)
Also, you can right click on the tab of any playlist, select "save playlist", and save it anywhere you want, as often as you want.
Polls / Re: Where do you get your music from?
Last post by polemon -
To be brutally honest: I often use plain old Youtube. Not all of it, but a lot of it is just there, and it's super easy to use. Also, it works everywhere.
MP3 - General / Re: Lame 3.100 has been released
Last post by polemon -
Do we have listening tests yet?
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Tag not removed when updating?
Last post by a3aan -
I have a problem with removing tags while updating. I use for DISCOGS_TRACK_CREDITS the formatting $zip($join(%<<TRACK_CREDITS_ROLES>>%),' - ',$join(%<<TRACK_CREDITS_ARTISTS_NAME>>%)) with write + update.

After updating when track credits have been removed from discogs the files still have the tag. Writing will proper remove the tag.

Anyone else seeing this? Cheers.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_wave_seekbar
Last post by Zao -
@Wemppu I've had requests for selection previews in the past but have not gotten around implementing it as pretty much everything about the component(s) is designed for showing the current track, with no real way of rendering or waiting for scans for other tracks.

It could possibly be implemented if I got around to it, but I don't have any immediate solution for you.
I hacked a bit on a "generate HTML report" feature for foo_wave_minibar but got stuck on the bit where I may have needed to scan new signatures as I went

In the meantime, maybe you could scan your files with ReplayGain or something, and show the track-gain value in a playlist column, to give you a hint of how loud it is. You can also configure the player to ignore or honor RG values for attenuation/amplification, which may solve the core problem of things being too loud.
The  free software vb-audio cable allows to use  7.1 with EQ-APO in any case. (e.g. also when your  soundcard only supports  stereo for headphone playback).  I strongly recommend it.
Peace is in my opinion the best gui for EQ-APO and the fastet way to switch between different rooms. I also recommend it.

If you don't like to install additional software then you can still use the usual EQ-APO config file configuration. 

The old pack was done for the convolver VST at a time where EQ-APO couldn't do  convolution. Hence, you can call this pack a superset of the old pack including a few additional rooms and separate headphone filters.

When you follow the links in the end of the pdf you will find information about the rooms and headphone filters. So far, I had no time to do a description. The pdf was written in very short time...

Thanks for the info