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General - (fb2k) / Re: Where to start for skinning?
Last post by Foogiustiniani -
Hi Davideleo,

Your skin seems pretty. If you did that without JS knowledge I'm impressed and hopeful. Can I download it somewhere, so that I take some inspiration from it please?

Thank you for the link. Actually, that's also the only guide I found that seemed interesting. But I find it complex for the moment, and I struggle to understand Eole skin with it (I must admit I have not read much of it in fact).

I just want to be sure that I don't miss any necessary knowledge/guide before starting, although I know learning by oneself is very powerful (but also potentially longer).

Thank you for your help!
FLAC / Re: EAC to FLAC single file add unwanted wrong tag
Last post by korth -
FLAGS DCP (Digital copy permitted flag) is read from the CD. This won't be on every CD you rip.
The developer didn't explain in the release notes why REM Composer "" is now added to the CUE in the recent version of EAC. Older versions did not have this.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Where to start for skinning?
Last post by Aldem -
As a wise man said once: If you want skins, use Winamp ;)
Maybe you would do better if you posted in the Foobar forum.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Where to start for skinning?
Last post by davideleo -
This is the only guide I ever found useful. It is actually focused on panel stack splitter, but this is the first plug-in you should check IMHO. JScript is also an essential plug-in for skinning as well as for automation, but if - like me - you have no javascript knowledge, it has a steep learning curve and there is no guide (there are plenty of online javascript tutorials of course, but as for my experience that's far from being enough to understand JScript panel). The best way to learn is by studying other people's scripts.
Studying other people work is actually the best way to learn anything. The skins I downloaded from deviantart were the best foobar2000 skinning tutorial I found.

Attached is a screenshot of my current layout which is also inspired to microsoft groove music app, built on panel stack splitter in combination with a few JScript panels.

does anyone know when the last AAC patent expires?
Support - (fb2k) / ReplayGain on Opus files
Last post by Seymour -
Version 1.3.17.
All (?) Opus music files (with RG enabled and having RG info) play on low level. When I try to rescan any of the files for Track RG, it gives a result of +5.00 dB. One more scan will give more or less right value, but decoding sound level is low then.

mp3, FLAC, Musepack files seem to be OK. Only Opus is noticed. Level difference is easy to see on Waveform Minibar (Mod) also.
Happy Holidays! This is the last update for 2017:

  • Sonic Foundry SoftEncode AC3 encoder
  • RKau lossless compressor
  • Emagic Zap lossless compressor
  • Iomega RecordIt MP2 recorder
  • Several versions of Apollo (thanks to Thundik81)
  • A few extra PlusV tools
sorry for double post.
But i'm really annoyed: I just tried it on old v0.9.5.2 Version and its smooth...
Can somebody explain this?!?!
Support - (fb2k) / Foobar Stuttering/lagging ... issue
Last post by oo131193oo -
Hello :)

I know there are already some topics about this problem but i couldn't find a solution there.
Basically it doesn't matter which output i am using(wasapi / asio or the default on (ds) ) the music has always this stottering / Sound away for less than a second..
I tried reinstalling my uni xonar driver for my asus stx II (original dont work on win 10 or dont show the gui).

Has anybody any new idea ...
I don't have that problem with other players and it doesn't matter if it is mp3 or flac. I'm just to fascinated by foobar to just give it up.


Edit: latency/buffer is high enough