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General - (fb2k) / Album art caching
Last post by wcs13 -
Hi everybody,

One of my foobar configs relies heavily on album art :
- Facets displaying album art for all my items
- Plus either the standard album art component, or JScript album art for the selected item

Everything displays perfectly. I only have two minor issues :
- The album art doesn't load fast enough for my taste. Is there a way I could cache it somewhere ? (physical drive, or even better, in a RAM cache). I'm open to all solutions.
- Once the album art has loaded, foobar starts to behave quite slowly, even for other operations that don't involve album art at all, with the album art not even displayed on screen. And then I have to restart foobar for it to behave normally again.

Any hints to optimize my config ? Thanks !
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: External Tags
Last post by Case -
Thanks for testing. Bug in loading optimization sometimes thought tag for a directory was loaded when it wasn't. Should be fixed in just released 1.0.1.
General Audio / Re: K2 HD is the new crap around?
Last post by includemeout -
  btw I don't recommend this test, it looks biased. It said I'm about twice as old as I actually are, probably because I simply don't approve Apple products for example (why they are even there in questions lol). Also about half of the questions simply could not have an acceptable answer (esp. the one with political views) so one needs to really think which answer is the closest one.
 I know! I just meant it as a way to treat someone who's obviously taking the piss (the Foobar comment does it, IMO) with the same kind of "scientific approach" they have been using so far! :))
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Windows 10: Volume integration and notifications aren't working
Last post by XoRRoX -
Those settings depend on which user interface you're currently using.

Nevermind - somehow notifications were on Off in the Windows settings dialogue.. Don't remember doing that but turning it On worked.

I'm not getting Windows 10 Notification Centre notifications (or any for that matter) on song-change either.
Could it be for the same reason? I'm not understanding this comment, though.
General Audio / Re: Jplay - just another scam? YES IT IS!
Last post by Nitromen -
with the help of it I was able to do what I planned exactly the way I wanted
What could it possibly be?

Filter 22 tracks from 4bit ADPCM to 16bit PCM.
Incidentally, 4 bit ADPCM automatically decodes to 16 bit PCM on playback. All you would have succeeded in doing is wasting 4 times the storage space on the resulting files. Even compressing them with a lossless compression format afterward would not yield the same compression ratio as the original 4 bit ADPCM format they were in. The bits of information lost in encoding would not be recoverable by converting back to 16 bits per sample. And usually, unless you have really golden ears, it's quite hard to notice the actual loss of that conversion, since it's only audible as faint white noise, usually on the order of -60dB or lower. But again, without the original samples, it's literally impossible to recover that information.
I use JPLAY only as filter.
The plan was as follows:
there were two sources
48 000 4 bit ADPCM (internal PS2 game version resources)
22 000 8 bit PCM (internal PC game version resources)
combine them into a normal 48,000 16 bit and play back in Jplay with capture.
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