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Opus / Re: Can anyone reliably ABX OPUS at 160kbps?
Last post by quadH -
I don't know how accurate this stuff is but based on this YouTube video... ; on my PC's Klipsch Pro-Media speakers (which should be above average PC speakers), once it hits about 15000 Hz (maybe a hair over that) I can't no longer hear anything and I don't start hearing anything initially til about 25-30 Hz or so.

YouTube uses a low pass filter at 17500 Hz.
General - (fb2k) / Re: ISO files only play at 44,100hz
Last post by fuse999 -
Check your <Options><Tools><SACD><Output Mode> is either "DSD" or "DSD+PCM", your <Preferable Area> is "Stereo" and <DSD Processor> is "None"  If you do need the DSD Processor check that <Options><Tools><DSD Processor> isn't set to convert DSD to PCM.

I couldn't find this on Foobar or Windows. Which is it on? I did all the other things you suggested. Thanks
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