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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Eole, a SMP/ColumnUI theme
Last post by MachineHead -
If a file is currently playing, instead of doing a play/pause command, it refresh the stats of the played track, using the code below:
Code: [Select]
			let handle = fb.GetNowPlaying();
This code trigger a reevalutation of the "PerTrack" script in PSS. And if no track is played, then it use fb.Play();fb.Stop();

Thanks for the explanation. This makes me want to reconsider my current method.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spotify Integration (foo_spotify)
Last post by GreyDragon -
The component uses libspotify (a free library that was the main way of integrating with Spotify from ~2009-2015) to access tracks. Spotify disabled access as of today, so the component can't access Spotify any longer.  :(

"As promised last month, Spotify disabled access to libspotify on 16/05/2022. As of today, seven years after libspotify was deprecated, there is still no official replacement library available."
General - (fb2k) / Request - Pop-up Window Position
Last post by larryfine -
Hope I'm in the correct section of the forum.

my request is much more personal, although I believe it will help with accessibility and aesthetics.
simply make all windows (called on menu or on right click) may appear in the center of the interface, unlike currently in the upper left corner.
example: select a song>right click> utilities>send to playlist... The window pop-ups in the center of the interface as I suggested

Site Related Discussion / Re: BIG ThankYou to Peter Pawlowski
Last post by Porcus -
... oops, forgot:

And, this thread was posted in the wrong subforum, and I take the opportunity to suggest that it stays here until it has faded out of sight, and then becomes bumped by a "Moved to the right place" :-)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Tools-SMP
Last post by regor -
Updating it to all the newest version actually solved all the problems, The reason I didn't go for them in the first place is because there was the word beta in it. When combining the folders with these versions seem to work great, I haven't fully tested it yet but so far it seems to work out just fine.

The beta versions are actually perfectly fine (I mean, if there is a breaking bug I would fix it as soon as it's found), I call them beta due to a bug on SMP in fact XD I think that's stated in the release page. The bug is present in any version of my scripts because it's a SMP bug, I just warn about it now (that's the only difference) because some people had problems.

I did still get the message Warning: unresponsive script, before when i "checked" Don't ask my again and contiunued smp would crash. but with the newest version it's solved and it will continue and works perfectly.
If you press cancel, it crashes because you stopped it ;) That's intended behavior, feel free to ask in the SMP thread about it if you find it non-intuitive. As said, it will always appear on subsequent restarts unless you configure it to a higher time. Since it usually only happens when tagging, I find it ok to just click ok on the popup from time to time.

Unacceptable how dare they to tarnish your perfect craft! Well in that case I might take a look around to see the what the options are, it's also just a few songs so it isn't too big of a deal.
:P For example any track with a length lower than 30 secs or so will fail, but that's how fingerprinting work. Oh and any track present in an ISO file (because there is no physical file to scan)! (they are skipped now in the latest version). You can bypass the ISO limitation by ripping the tracks, scanning them and finally copying the tags back. (These are "tricks" expect to explain the manual though)

If you were to bring out another version of these 2 components what would be the proper way to update it, Preferably I would not replace it because it would lose the information it would already hold.
Nothing is lost on updating, close foobar, overwrite the "xxx-scripts" files, start foobar and done. Config is saved at another place and the panel stores internally other config, so as soon as you restart all is the same. Playlist Tools has even a menu entry to export the user configured menus for backup or other purposes.