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Which is a Lossless Compression make Digital Audio for listening?

Free Lossless Audio Codec (FLAC)
[ 12 ] (44.4%)
Apple Lossless (ALAC)
[ 4 ] (14.8%)
WavPack (WV Lossless/Hybrid)
[ 6 ] (22.2%)
[ 2 ] (7.4%)
WMA Lossless
[ 3 ] (11.1%)

Total Members Voted: 14

Voting closed: 2017-12-20 06:51:40

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Who is Lossless Audio (FIXED)

Which is a Lossless audio is better?
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I'm Fixed it:
Sorry for 1 vote per user were mistake this...

Re: Who is Lossless Audio (FIXED)

Reply #2
Listen to the music, not the media it's on.

Musepack --quality 6
Wavpack -hb4.55x5cvm

Re: Who is Lossless Audio (FIXED)

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Well, I'm Guess?


Re: Who is Lossless Audio (FIXED)

Reply #4
To be quick,
* WMAL should be buried by now
* FLAC is kind of king of the hill in terms of support; ALAC is likely #2 since Apple pushes it
* ALAC is not checksummed
* WavPack does have this hybrid mode, if you want the lossy + correction file format
* OptimFrog and WavPack support floating-point.
* OptimFrog is very slow and probably the least used of these
* You forgot Monkey and TAK.
* You would have found all this by searching the forum (I guess that is sort of a "lossless compression" by itself).
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