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  • baroughter
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I finally got around to using Masstagger's new ability to stamp the current time!  Thanks again for making this new file tagger component.  Finally I can delete cwb_hooks and foobar's accursed deprecated component warning.

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this component is great! thx a lot!

  • muzack
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I wish that more than one action could be applied to incomming files.
Is it possible that someone update this Component? I am not familar with programming components :-(
cheers m.

  • delusion
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thx for this plugin. very useful for my setting at home.
for our radio-station, i would love to see a plug-in, that can set actions to files added to a (specific) playlist.
but maybe this would be easier to implement in the playlist-attributes-plugin?
thx anyways

  • kode54
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  • Administrator
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While we're bumping two year old topics about components that nobody should be using because they are probably made obsolete by newer components, I thought I'd add that while the timestamp tags maintained outside of the tracks by the Playback Statistics component may be formatted into human readable timestamps using the title formatting functions listed here. Simple integer math functions may also be used to convert the numbers to Unix timestamps as well, if those are preferred:
Code: [Select]
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  • Xerus
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Re: foo_new_file_stamper_mod
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By what was this made obsolete? Because I need this feature, but this plugin is for the older foobar version