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Replaygain target volume
The replaygain target volume level setting doesn't take effect until after the player has restarted.
Also 'only increase volume' doesn't work? It's still scanning in negative values and applying them. Am I understanding this setting correctly?

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Replaygain target volume
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The setting in advanced preferences only affects file modification functions 'Apply track ReplayGain to file content' and 'Apply album ReplayGain to file content'. Regular ReplayGain target level is 89 dB SPL as the specification states and it can not be altered. If you wish to use a different playback level you adjust the preamp setting accordingly, for example preamp of -6.0 dB gives you the original draft 83.0 dB SPL level.
File modification feature lets you adjust the level differently because it's meant for legacy players/hardware where ReplayGain and preamps are not available.

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Re: Replaygain target volume
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Big thanks! I've wondered about that too
Why is this not mentioned in foobar? That would have saved me some hours of wondering and testing...

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Re: Replaygain target volume
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Why is this not mentioned in foobar?
You seem to have missed that it's under "File content alteration"  :-\
In theory, there is no difference between theory and practice. In practice there is.

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Re: Replaygain target volume
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And just in case anyone else missed it, @Xerus bumped a topic from 2014.