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Support - (fb2k) / OPUS decoding sounds terrible
Last post by Squeller -

I encoded stuff to OPUS, I want to test the format on some target devices. Playback in fb2k is rather horrible. A pretty steady sawwave drone is kind of oscillating. Unstable in loudness. It is not the case in the flac source and also isn't the case in an opus->wav conversion, so it must be some flaw in the decoding process. Also tested VLC output, plays fine.

Do I have options? I don't even know if OPUS is handled by some decoder plugin or natively.

The track FLAC source from is this one, it's in the beginning on the pads/drones, very well audible 0:30 ff..


EDIT: I removed the ReplayGain tags, now it plays fine! Replaygain made fb2k play the file significantly louder; without RG it plays more quiet. But the phenemenon does not re-appear with the played louder via the speaker knob. IDK what happened here.
Opus / Re: Opus 1.3.1
Last post by Squeller -
John at rarewares has just uploaded 32 bit and 64 bit compiles of Opus 1.3.1
I'm using that one and get abysmal results. Wondering is something is wrong. On long sawwave kind of pads/drones, it is kind of ducking/oscillating. Will show samples tomorrow as I'm still wondering if there's something wrong in my side. It's on fb2k convert "--quiet --bitrate 128 --vbr --music - %d" - I hear easily audible and annoying loudness instability, as in ducking, as popular in IDM, all over the place. EDIT: It's not in the opus->wav convert. Good, so it must be something wrong in the fb2k decoding process.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: m3u8 extension
Last post by merula -
I think this thread is suitable for a similar and quite simple question

m3u8 files play well in foobar mostly by "Adding Location", playing the file there are options like saving the playlist, converting to other formats etc. but how does one just SAVE THE FILE which is played in its original format ?

"Copy" under "File Operations" just copies the m3u8 but not the file (often aac format) a 60 minutes broadcast for example, I think that will be possible in Foobar but I can see no "Save" for this so..     
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playlist-Tools-SMP
Last post by regor -
That's an SMP or WINE bug. The dummy file is empty so there is nothing which can crash the program there.

The part crashing is even within a try/catch statement.
Code: [Select]

I suppose the crash is related to going up 2 levels in relative folders. Load the new file which bypasses that part and you should be able to work with the script without further problems.

@TheQwertiest will have to check the bug. Opened another issue at github,
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar2000 finds no music
Last post by anamorphic -
Hi there,

So it sounds like you lost the playlists? (Maybe you can post a screenshot to make it more clear)

Perhaps you just switched playlists, what do you see when you open View menu > Playlist Manager ?

I guess you had an ALL music auto-playlist. You can recreate that by Library > Search and type -

Code: [Select]

Then click '...' on the right > Create Auto-Playlist. (You can rename it afterward)