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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Preprocessor best practices [JScript panel]
Last post by davideleo -
I learnt you can import your script as a preprocessor, rather than paste it in the configuration window. What I like about this method is I don't need to open foobar2000 to check or edit the scripts, and I always know I'm running the updated versions.
I wonder, though, are there any drawbacks to this practice? Does it affect code execution some how? What is the professional developers' advise?
AAC - Tech / Re: Absolute best AAC quality with qaac
Last post by shadowking -
It makes sense. OP says AAC / MP3 don't scale to lossless - that is true. Also OP probably wants 1 library : AAC or MP3 that plays anywhere. In this case overcoding ( 224.;.512k) gives headroom for rare problems and transcoding . This is proven and the spectrum can matter, even though lossless is prefered but to many it means multi libraries.

The other scenario is one may want to mainly deal in lossy mode, while maintaining an offline lossless archive. In the case the lossy is the daily workhorse. Should something happen to the lossless archive / hardware, the overcoded lossy provides a [near-lossless] fallback of sorts.
Scientific Discussion / Re: I can hear below 10Hz - am I abnormal?
Last post by Porcus -
I often read that the limits of human hearing is 20Hz–20kHz. To me, this "fact" seems quite ridiculous.

Indeed. I got 11 Hz bass tones with not-too-expensive IEMs. (But, they broke down only a month or so later. Coincidence or not.),105844.0.html

My hunch is that when the "20 Hz" was "agreed upon", it was a lower bound for usable frequency. (Hard to make anything usable when you couldn't reproduce to get any use of it without feeling it in your gut more than hearing it with your ears, but with IEMs you can.) 20 to 20k "looks like a nice rule" too. Very scientific ;-)
Opus / Re: Opus 1.3-rc
Last post by IgorC -
It's expected. Everything lower than 13 kbps is coded to WB(8kHz). Higher than 13 kbps is coded to SWB/FB (12 kHz/20kHz).

That's why earlier I've posted
P.S. Also I suspect that SWB can be pushed down to ~11-12 kbps (at least for speech) because 1.3RC SWB@13.2kbps is on par with an older 1.2.1 FB@16kbps   :o
Scientific Discussion / Re: I can hear below 10Hz - am I abnormal?
Last post by Lee James -
I don't think I'm hearing harmonic distortion because when I listen to tones down to 20Hz, they continue to get lower, and when I go below 20Hz, they still continue to get lower. I think I can tell the difference between 10Hz and higher frequencies.
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