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How to Rip CD+Graphics (CD+G)?

I've recently acquired a disc with CD+G (Fleetwood Mac - Behind the Mask).
It's my first CD+G disc I've encountered, and I've ripped the audio parts with EAC as usual.

But I'm figuring out how to rip the CD+G part?

I did a search on the forum and the only relevant thread seemed to be from 18 years ago:,31995.0.html

I did a search on Google, and I've come across various CD+G rippers, such as Audiograbber, CDG Ripper, Power SCDG Ripper, Power CD+G Burner, etc.

What do you think of these rippers? I believe Audiograbber is the only free software, the others have a trial period.

Re: How to Rip CD+Graphics (CD+G)?

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I have a CSN "Live it Up" that's a CD+G.

Supposedly you could use VLC to play and save (image) them as a BIN file.

Re: How to Rip CD+Graphics (CD+G)?

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Any CD copying tool that can read subchannel data can copy a CD+G disc, but the error correction on subchannel data is extremely flimsy, so you're a lot more likely to get a bad rip if your disc is scratched. (CD+G discs are usually designed with this in mind, so your rip will probably work fine as long as you're not planning on burning it back to a CD.)

If you use a ripper that wasn't specifically designed for CD+G, you'll probably need a second step where you extract the cdg file(s) from your disc image rather than directly ripping the cdg file(s).

Once you have the CD+G data separated from the audio, you can put it into any program that uses libavcodec.

Re: How to Rip CD+Graphics (CD+G)?

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...DiscImageCreator *may* help...
F.O.R.A.R.T. npo


Re: How to Rip CD+Graphics (CD+G)?

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As I understand it subchannel doesn't benefit from CIRC (not an expert, not enough time to fully decipher), but the red book spec does state that R-W has weak reed-solomon protection of its own (second edition 19.1):
To protect the data in the subcoding channels R to W, a (24, 20) Reed-Solomon error
correction code is used. To improve the burst error correction capability, 8 times interleaving is
added to this error-correction system.

And also crc16 for detection. Both weak but much better than nothing, at the very least it should be unlikely that a bad rip is undetectable as a bad rip.