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Question regarding changing WSH Panel / Skin configurations

Hello all,

Long-time user of Foobar here, however I have recently moved away from the default user interface and gone with a custom columns Ui design called 'Osaka Underground'.

I really love the design and intuitive features however I have a few questions regarding the skin that I would appreciate if anyone can help me out with.

1. The library tree wsh plugin on the left hand side has an expandable tree that is linked to my music collection on my hard drive.
The path is F:\Music\Archive
However the default library tree path config is : $directory_path(%path%) which lists my drive through the following tree
Library > Path > F: > Music > Archive.
Is there a way to direct the library straight to Archive so the tree path is just Library > Archive, or direct to Archive?
I like to view my music by folder structure mainly.

2. Is it possible to stop the library tree wsh plugin from auto-collapsing every time I quit foobar, i.e like the default interface library tree in folder view mode it would maintain the expanded view I last left it at.

3. Regarding the WSH Album Art panel script, the pictures behind the album artwork as seen below are not aligned correctly i.e the top of the background image is placed too high and cuts off a top portion of the image. Does anyone know the specific code line in the script I can adjust to move the image down slightly so it doesn't cut the top portion off.

You can see here the background image of Tom Cruise at the top is cut off.

Thankyou all for your help.


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