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Removing multitrack ogg index


I've recently discovered that foobar is creating on converting to "multi-track image files" to Ogg Vorbis a file in mogg format. This is really great to preserve all metainformation from the single tracks, but it's actually ahead of time and not all devices support this. On Android luckily the Foobar App is available, but on my car radio, I unfortunately cannot install a new player. So my question is if there is an easy way to (batch) remove the information with keeping all non track related tags like album artist + title, year of release, etc.

Usually for all Android players that don't support mogg index (incl. my cars' radio) are just showing info and length from first title, but continue playing after reaching 100%. But pausing and jumping positions is not really working well - it's a luck thing where it continues playing.


Re: Removing multitrack ogg index

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OK, I understand the silence that there is no feature like that existing.
After some research I hopefully correctly found out that Foobar creates multi-stream files and so I'm searching for a solution to join the streams within the ogg container to remove the index. It would be great if someone could confirm that this is the right direction. Thx.

Re: Removing multitrack ogg index

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First time I hear of this "mogg". Seems to be a custom invented name for a Vorbis file with multiple channels.

The files foobar2000 creates are standard Ogg files concatenated together, a feature that has been officially supported and advertized since Vorbis' infancy.

If your device doesn't handle them properly I'd recommend not using them and instead sticking with regular method of storing one file per track.

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