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Working with cue sheets

Ok trying to clean up the way albums/singles display in my config and one issue I'm having is the ones that use cue sheets to split the album/single. It shows the split tracks under one album/single and they play but next to it is the album/single as the full audio file that also plays.

Is there any filter method that I can set per directory or something that I can set in the component's config page?

I think I might need to reword this but hey someone might know what I mean
(attached the components installed)

Re: Working with cue sheets

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Can this be done?

Re: Working with cue sheets

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What about Preferences ->Media Library -> File Types -> Exclude -> .cue;.log;.m3u;.jpg  (for example)

I guess you want it the other way around, but this works for me.
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Re: Working with cue sheets

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I had similar problem. I just put "CUE" keyword in album tag in all referenced files and then I filter them out in facets.

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