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New playlist format spec I'm working on
Hey everyone,
after some frustration with the state of playlists in 2017, I decided to take some time and write a short spec for a new playlist format that aims to allow playlists to be much more portable and robust against file modifications/deletions/etc.

The spec is here:

I would appreciate everyone's feedback, as it's in a very early stage and I'd like to get opinions about whether people find it useful or whether there's something I'm missing or did wrong. Please feel free to either reply here or open an issue on the project issue tracker (linked at the bottom of the spec page).

My wife read it for a month and lost 30 days.

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Re: New playlist format spec I'm working on
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The only problem I can see, is what would happen with people with very large playlists. SHA-3s don't seem that efficient to me, plus you are using a human readable format it seems.

FPL gets its strengths from being purely binary only and thus is developed for large databases of songs.