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I've noticed that all the Ogg that got converted from 24-96 Flac have the same 'hole' in the spectrum in the same Hz range.

Vorbis removes everything above 20 KHz, so that is normal. 
Vinyl / Re: WSJ asks Why Vinyls Boom Is Over
Last post by Ed Seedhouse -
Why do people in this forum erroneously assume that vacuum tubes are only made for audiophile products?

Other than musical instruments, which is really an area that shares a lot with high end audio, what else is there but a few esoteric tubes for broadcasting, radar and the like? Even most of those application have gone over to "The Dark Side". ;-)

 We used to be able to point at CRTs, but those are now getting carried out to the trash by the dumpster-full, even as I type.

Amateur radio operators commonly use tubes for high power transmission on the high frequency bands.  Admittedly there ain't many of them, though the hobby itself has been expanding, but mainly into VHF and UHF.
No, I'm not upsampling. I just take the Flac and convert it to Ogg without changing sample rate or bit depth. I've noticed that all the Ogg that got converted from 24-96 Flac have the same 'hole' in the spectrum in the same Hz range.
I'm not in a position to add anything to foobar2000 mobile at this time, anyway, as Peter is the sole developer on it right now. He was looping me into the development process for a while after my departure from the commercial venture, but I guess that kind of stopped at some point. Also, I don't think I'd be a really viable developer to work on their project right now, since I'm not really that dependable to follow instructions from others, as I tend to wall up and give up on the work, rather than actually do what I'm supposed to be doing.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Linear Phase Subwoofer
Last post by ZioFrenko -
hi, I want to compliment this plugin, really interesting the idea of implementing a linear phase eq ... no professional dsp does it!
i agree with the other request from xsdaver (delay and level for sub) but i wolud to ask you another thing:
I do not know what interfaces you use to have a separate LFE channel, but with professional audio device there is a need to select the physical output of the sound card to have another channel for the subwoofer, otherwise from my L / R outputs I only get a high pass filter ...
So, could you integrate a system to select the interface output to use for the LFE channel?
The source material looks like it was CD, but the audio is 96k.  Are you trying to upsample ?
General - (fb2k) / Queue manager on right side
Last post by Folkhoer -

I recently formatted my pc and reinstalled foobar.
Before the format I had a queue manager on the right side of my screen but I can't remember the name. You could see all the songs that were next, drag songs into it, re-arrange them, ...
I searched around but can't seem to find any extension that works with my current version (version 1.3.16).

Can anybody recommend me a queue manager that works?

Example: my current foobar layout, the red is where the queue manager was:
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_youtube
Last post by 3dyd -
Yeah. A sign from the heavens, hinting to stop tinkering and finally make an initial release.

Ladies and gentlemen, I'm glad to introduce version 2.0
Opus / Re: What software to use for .opus encoding?
Last post by Makaki -
When CDs originally came out, I was sold on the idea that CDs would last more than a human lifetime. Now we know that's not exactly the case, for various reasons.

Of course proper care can prolong their lifespan, but there's no substitute for backups, and easy backups is what a lossless format on a Hard Drive can provide. Especially now that hard drive space is cheap.