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ran a new cable outside the wall, with a bit of dressing/channel mount to make it look nice?
Opus / opus compile with optimization
Last post by madmax -

how to enable the optimization in opus? is it even possible for a windows compile?
i get always

Inline Assembly Optimizations: . No inline ASM for your platform, please send patches
after "./configure"

/Edit: ok, this seems to be normal, so it is solved. this could be moved to trash.
My memory is really starting to fail. The current version of fb2k loads the CUE sheet just fine and shows all tracks even with EAC using the track 2 file tags. It only shows track 2 when loading the flac file itself.
Now I wonder if I remembered an issue that happened with embedded cue sheets.,76825.0.html

Support - (fb2k) / Re: foo_input_sacd Component
Last post by foofer -

Only by removing foo_input_sacd the CPU returns very low.

Also removing foo_wave_seekbar resolves but you can not do without these two components.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: foo_input_sacd Component
Last post by eahm -
Delete and restore the components one by one inside user-components folder, each time you delete one restart foobar2000 to see which one gives you trouble.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: foo_input_sacd Component
Last post by foofer -

Thank you for the reply.

I know that in DST we need computing power.
The problem continues even if playback is stopped.

And though I close foobar and then re-open it. CPU is still 100%.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: foo_input_sacd Component
Last post by tedsmith -
Decompressing DST (a lossless compression of DSD) is a CPU intensive process (it wasn't designed for general purpose processors.)

This problem can be exacerbated if you are using foo_wave_seekbar since it often will be doing the work as fast as possible to build the wave display.
Support - (fb2k) / foo_input_sacd Component
Last post by foofer -
Good evening.
I use foobar for a long time with much satisfaction.

I often encountered a problem with foo_input_sacd that engages the 100% CPU.

Does anyone have any news or solutions?
Last post by imacguru -
I recently saw the new codec, xHE-AAC an I've some questions:

1) Do yo think that this codec can be better than HE-AACv2?

I think it's way better! Stereo separation is flawless compared to the half-way to stereo sound of HE-AACv2. The high-end is also much better thanks to enhanced SBR.

2)Can this codec offer better quality at lower bitrates than HE-AACv2?

This codec beats HE-AACv2 at any bitrate and especially at lower bit-rates. As mentioned, the parametric stereo is flawless and the highs are cleaner and clearer than HE-AACv2.

3) How many encoders and decoders are there available now?

Not many. I'm using the excellent StreamS Hi-Fi Encoders for my Internet Radio xHE-AAC streams and the StreamS Hi-Fi Radio app (only available for iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch and Apple TV) for decoding. The streams are 40kbps (average bit rate) HLS and to my ears sound awesome! I've found 40kbps to be the sweet spot for xHE-AAC where the audio is crystal clear. There may be other xHE-AAC encoders available but as far as I know StreamS is the best available. I'm running it on an HP PC in Windows 10 along with the Orban Optimod PCn1600 audio processing system and Virtual Audio Cables for internal audio routing.

4)Will the smartphones play this format (I use AAC-LC VBR 256 kbps with FAAC encoder and compresed from the lossless and played with Blackberry 10 OS)? It's HE AACv2

For now, the only app I know of that plays both HLS and Icecast xHE-AAC streams is StreamS Hi-Fi Radio and it's only available in iOS and tvOS. There are at this moment in time 12 Internet Radio stations in the app directory streaming xHE-AAC.

4 of the 12 xHE-AAC stations are mine. They are,, and I have other streams available for each station including HE-AACv1 and AAC since xHE-AAC isn't widely available (yet).

If you get a chance to hear them in StreamS Hi-Fi Radio, let me know what you think. I hope posting a reply 21 months later isn't a problem on this forum! I've become a big fan of xHE-AAC!