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Updated foo_winamp_spam for 0.6

Title says it all really. foo_winamp_spam, provides a winamp compatible API to retrieve song info and (in 0.6+) send command messages to foobar2000 through applications that support winamp API.

Thanks to nivron for testing the WM_COMMAND messages (new in this version), remote control apps that allow you to play/stop/pause/etc winamp will work with fb2k when you use this plugin.

Designed mainly to be used in conjunction with r1dll, mIRC DLL to spam your favorite channel with currently playing song info: Known to work also with Trillian "RemoteControl" plugin by Daij-Djan (

Grab foo_winamp_spam 0.61 UNICODE (NT/2k/XP):
Grab foo_winamp_spam 0.61 ANSI (Win9x):



Updated foo_winamp_spam for 0.6

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Thanks again R1CH for getting a quick fix AND the added API functionality to a great plugin!!

-- nivron

Updated foo_winamp_spam for 0.6

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Hmm, having a prob with the ANSI version. Seems to only want to return the first letter of the title. Confirmed this using r1dll and Remote Control.

I got this line in the foo_winamp_spam.cfg:
$if(%title%,%title%[ - %album%][ - %artist%][ '('%genre%')'],%_filename_ext%)

So, if the title of the song I'm playing is:
Fear Of The Flava - Secret of Mana OC ReMix - McVaffe (Game)

Both r1dll and Remote Control return:

Just thought I should bring this up.

PS: Almost forgot, using Foobar v0.6 Beta 22
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Updated foo_winamp_spam for 0.6

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Heh, well it works now.  Thanks for the quick update.
"It's the panties fault! The panties made me a pervert!"

Updated foo_winamp_spam for 0.6

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Thanks r1ch!

Updated foo_winamp_spam for 0.6

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i'm trying to export some functions and the current SDk examples do not work.

Updated foo_winamp_spam for 0.6

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 plz for display in active channel IRC with the mirc the current song es: title bit rate mhz and corrent position -=(--|20%--------)=-, with only the foobar 2000 v0.61a we can link some addon script =)

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it is probable that you have already explained, but I read in all the articles that must be used winamp, instead me interests a addon that it only works with foobar

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