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Keyboard shortcuts doubt - Masstagger

It seems that there are three options that can be assigned to a shortcut:
- execute a script named "default";
- execute the last used script;
- execute a script named "complete".
It these assumptions are correct, where should scripts default.mts and complete.mts be located so that they can be found by the program?

Re: Keyboard shortcuts doubt - Masstagger

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You can make any masstagger script, name it anything you like and it will be shown as an available script in the keyboard shortcuts under the name you have assigned your script to.
I have a dozen masstagger scripts all assigned to keyboard shortcuts.

Re: Keyboard shortcuts doubt - Masstagger

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As jazzthieve said: just make sure a masstagger script is saved *within foobar* (not as an exported file). If it appears in the combobox "Scripts" within the masstagger UI, you can also assign a keyboard shortcut to it

Re: Keyboard shortcuts doubt - Masstagger

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Thank you @jazzthieve and @ojdo; latter answer made it clearer: can't be an external script.

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