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Title: Xvid 1.3.0 Final
Post by: IgorC on 2011-02-24 08:43:49
Xvid 1.3.0 Final
http://www.xvid.org/ (http://www.xvid.org/)

New Xvid 1.3 has a new multicore support. It's slice based but the loss in quality is nothing (<0.1%)
Now Xvid scales good with high number of cores and probably will completely load CPUs with 4-6 cores + HT as well.
http://list.xvid.org/pipermail/xvid-devel/...ber/006232.html (http://list.xvid.org/pipermail/xvid-devel/2010-December/006232.html)

For quad core:
Code: [Select]
Threads        Row-based MT (FPS)             Slice-based MT (FPS)

-1            21.0            21.0
  1            20.9            20.9
  2            29.7            35.6
  3            35.3            48.2
  4            38.3            56.0
  6            34.8            49.0
  8            34.0            54.7

Changes since 1.3.0-rc1:

xvidcore library
Disabled late-promotion of S_VOP to N_VOP coding type
Makefile fixes for macho64 target
VFW frontend
Minor GUI cosmetics
Decoder support for lower-case FourCCs
Fix for YV12 colorspace pass-through mode
DShow/MFT frontend
Decoder support for additional FourCCs
Slightly increased filter merit (Windows 7)

Changes since 1.2.2:

xvidcore library
Added PSNR-HVS-M quality-metric plugin
Variance masking as new adaptive quantization option
MT decoder deblocking filter
Improved encoder multi-threading allowing more threads and better scaling
Decoder threads API extension
PSNR-HVS-M as optional D-metric for R-D optimizations
Noexec-stack security patch also for x86_64 asm code
Added new slice coding feature
App-level encoder multi-threading support (xvid_encraw)
Signalling of FourCC to decoder for better bug detection
Changed semantics of frame_drop ratio API option
Improved decoder robustness on resync markers in BVOPs
VFW frontend
Increased allowed max bitrate
New 'HD 1080' preset
Added new MPEG4 simple profile levels
VHQ metric GUI option
Independent slice coding widget
Selectable adaptive quantization method
Fix for handle leak problem
Minor GUI cosmetics
DShow/MFT frontend
Tray icon to access filter properties
Added MFT API support
Shared cpu_flags/num_threads settings with VfW
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