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Title: WASAPI Output - Odd behaviour with 4.0 FLAC
Post by: Krobar on 2021-06-11 13:22:52
I'm trying to use some 4.0 Flac files I made. The test file is 4.0 24/96, in each of the cases below I am only changing the WAVEFORMATEXTENSIBLE_CHANNEL_MASK header in the Flac file, Foobar with the WASAPI plugin is the only player I have found so far that seems to support this header properly. Kodi and JRiver seem to have no support at all so kudos for supporting it.

FL+FR+C+LFE - Works properly and detected as 3.1 by receiver
FL+FR+SBL+SBR - Receiver detects 4.0 but only plays stereo; I think this is because the receiver does not support this format
FL+FR+SL+SR - This is output as 5.1 causing silent channels when upmixing. The receiver does support this layout.

I'm confused by the FL+FR+SL+SR result, can anyone confirm if their setup does the same? (Can provide a file sample if you message me)
Title: Re: WASAPI Output - Odd behaviour with 4.0 FLAC
Post by: Krobar on 2021-06-29 13:07:53
@Peter I'm now getting the same behaviour with the integrated WASAPI support in beta 15. Could it be the Intel HDMI driver does not support FL+FR+SL+SR mapping over WASAPI? Any way I can find out if this is the case?
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