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Support - (fb2k) / Re: [bug] child windows closing on alt key press
Last post by nsstudios -
Just discovered that this means assigning a keyboard shortcut that contains an alt key also just closes the window thus making it impossible to do so. Would be really awesome if it could be fixed. I love FB2K and it would be much better if it didn't do this.
Listening Tests / Re: Transparency: Public Listening Tests vs Anecdotes and My Experiences
Last post by peskypesky -
I very, very rarely use my headphones as I just can't hear the sub bass in them (HD600), which is an important part of the experience for me. I also don't like things being strapped to my head for hours on end :-D

oh yeah, there's no doubt that my subwoofer moves air in a way that no headphones or IEM's can dream of I prefer speakers...but when I lived in NYC (for 23 years) there was no way I could blast music over speakers. So I got in the habit of using headphones.

To me: speakers > headphones > IEMs.
Listening Tests / Re: Transparency: Public Listening Tests vs Anecdotes and My Experiences
Last post by ThaCrip -
I myself listen to music about 50% on headphones and 50% on speakers, so I have done ABX testing with both. My brother listens about 95% of the time over his speakers, so if he were to do ABX testing, I think that's what he should use.

I use more speakers than headphones over a average month. at home I largely use my Klipsch ProMedia speakers. but on-the-go I just use my nothing fancy headphones (Sony MDR-NC7 (which I think I had since 2010)) connected to a digital audio player (AGPTEK-U3 as of Mar 2021. but prior to that I was using a Sandisk Sansa e250 since 2008 but I pretty much retired it since you can't find quality replacement batteries for it which is why I ultimately got that AGPTEK-U3 device and I am hoping it will last).

pretty much all of the ABX stuff I did over the years was done on my Klipsch PC speakers. so while I can't say anything definitively (since I never thoroughly tested), my general hunch is if something sounds good on my Klipsch speakers, then a random set of headphones would probably be similar enough. or another way I could put it... if I am happy with the sound quality on the Klipsch, I can't imagine ill notice any obvious flaws on a random set of headphones when just sitting back and enjoying my music.
Scientific Discussion / Re: FLAC vs. 320 VBR AAC - For OLD People
Last post by ThaCrip -

Yeah, I like the Klipsch general clarity and, like you mentioned, has solid bass and good volume. just pretty good all-around sound at a sane/affordable price that many can enjoy as I can't see spending thousands of dollars on fancy sound equipment as it makes almost no sense for the vast majority of people as once you reach a certain standard, it's just putting a match to ones $.

but seriously... he dropped $13k/$40k into a sound system? (you are joking, right?) ; but if your serious that's insane as someone who does that has more $ than sense as I figure even $1-3k or so would be really pushing it for fancy audio equipment etc for the vast majority of people simply because you can likely get more than enough quality at well under $1k. because after a certain point, it's almost entirely a waste of $ for nearly everyone. I just never understood that mindset of people obsessing over sound so much to pay literally thousands of $ more for minimum gain etc as you can only improve the all-around sound so much before the gains are not going to be obvious and at that point it don't make much sense to pay more and more $.

thanks for the story though as it was a nice read ;)

p.s. it does seem like those Klipsch can be had for around $100 or less if one can find a deal here and there. I don't remember exactly what I paid when I got mine in 2002-2003 or so but I want to say somewhere around $200. so to see their price even lower today is that much better and, like you said, their all-around sound quality is solid enough to where it's not like they will be dated as time passes as they were solid 20 years ago and still are today and will be another 20 years from now etc.
Vinyl / Re: Vinyl outsold CDs for the first time since the '80s
Last post by ThaCrip -
30 years later and surprisingly, after the CD has come and gone, as have MP3 files, and after a resurgence of vinyl, tape cassettes are on the up and up; and sales have been aided by the pandemic, not hindered.

That's got to be some temporary fad/nostalgia thing as CD's are clearly all-around better than tapes/vinyl for general use. it's like they are going backwards, not forwards.

I get the reasoning why CD's are declining because people like digital stuff for convenience sake. but in terms of quality sound quality of something physical... CD's are obviously #1 all-around. that's why I don't see CD's totally disappearing anytime soon because as long as people continue to buy physical music, CD is the obvious default choice since nothing is better overall.
Opus / Re: Nontransparent example at 231kbps
Last post by bennetng -
You already added the number to title of the file in question, so I'm not sure what your point is
Simple. To reduce the chance of people asking how to create the same file, in case they are not aware about the stored metadata. Personally I don't do this in my collection. I just use album name and artist to name my things.

The rest of your reply about what you think about me, I can't change how you think anyway, and as you mentioned earlier, I can't disallow you to do anything, so I think I can end my reply here, to keep it short.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by MordredKLB -
There was a long discussion in another thread about slow performance of FSM scripts at startup. Seems that some of us, in certain conditions, have very poor performance (15-30sec startup times). This was immediately apparent to me when switching Georgia from jscript_panel, but I thought I was the only one. That wasn't the case, and an argument about the root cause and what happens at startup got me thinking.

I forked the current FSM codebase and made some changes to how FSM itself starts up, essentially delaying initialization of several required services to the component's on_init() which is when foobar says "it's okay" to start loading stuff. In most instances this has improved my foobar startup time 3-5x. Results may vary and if you weren't experiencing slow startup with FSM scripts, then this may not do anything for you.

This is a dev (unreleased) build from Feb so it was has a few things in it post the last 1.4.1 release, plus my code of course. Should be safe to use. Hopefully we can get a few more eyes on this to see if others see improvements on startup time and make sure there are no unintended consequences.

Pull request can be found here.
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