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Re: JScript Panel
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I've been checking the docs and there is some inconsistency where some methods return 4294967295 (or Math.pow(2, 32) -1) for things that aren't found and others are returning -1. I shall be making this consistent in the next update by using -1 for all because it's what people are used to when using Javascript.

edit: I've updated the Breaking Changes page on the wiki with the upcoming changes...
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Re: JScript Panel
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v1.3.1 Beta 1
- FIX: Fixed a bug where plman.ShowAutoPlaylistUI didn't always return the correct
      boolean value. But given you should check with plman.IsAutoPlaylist first,
      most won't notice!
- CHG: plman.MovePlaylistSelection now returns a boolean value to indicate success
      or failure.
- CHG: Update docs for consistency with actual component behaviour. No doubt there
      is more I'll need to revisit in future!
- CHG: On failure, these now return -1
      IFbFileInfo InfoFind
      IFbFileInfo MetaFind
      IFbMetadbHandleList BSearch
      IFbMetadbHandleList Find
      This could potentially break some existing scripts. See
- CHG: Remove the whole IStyleTextRender interface. Anything that uses
      gdi.CreateStyleTextRender or was based on "glow text sample.txt"
      will no longer work
- CHG: Remove these IFbPlaylistRecyclerManager properties/methods:

Unfortunately, nothing new but fixes a few things and updates the docs to be more consistent. It's a beta because it has a few internal changes and I might not have caught everything.

My own "status bar.txt" sample in the "complete" folder was broken by this update so anyone else using it will need to re-import.
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Re: JScript Panel
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Out of curiosity, is there a reason why to remove the  IStyleTextRender interface?

Also, do you know if it possible, in a JS Smooth Playlist panel to reorder the tracks within playlist withdrag n' drop ? I can't do it. Too bad because it's possible with JSPlaylist (which is... not smooth sadly).
Maybe only Falstaff could tell...

Thanks anyway for your great component!
Decalicatan Decalicatan

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Re: JScript Panel
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The styletextrender thingy required an entire 3rd party project to be part of the Visual Studio solution and I selfishly got rid of it because I never use it. I know I should try and be more considerate of others but I'm mean!!  ;D WSH panel mod still works and there is WSH panel mod plus which shares many of the newer features with JScript Panel.

As for the playlist, you know the answer. They both use the same component!
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Re: JScript Panel
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Any chance of a non SSE2 build?


I thought maybe version 1.1.0 might work, but sadly, the author has removed all binaries on Github earlier than version 1.2.4.

Edit - I'm trying to run this on a XP machine. Saw in the changelog that 1.3.0 drops IE8/IE7/WINE support. So I tried 1.2.4 and got the same error. It's SSE2 related. Wish I knew how to compile it so I could try to do so with SSE2 requirement disabled.
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Re: JScript Panel
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This component has never ran on XP. Older versions with support for IE7/IE8 still required Vista or above.

The component it was based on (WSH panel mod) still runs on XP because it hasn't been updated since 2012...
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Re: JScript Panel
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OK, that makes sense, thanks! :)