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Making Channel Spectrum Panel into Peakmeter

I would like to make Channel Spectrum Panel toolbar be my peakmeter, and for that purpose I reduced it size and bar width so that it presents only one bar per channel. But that doesn't correspond to built in peakmetar. Refresh interval is set to 25ms (same for peakmeter spectrum) not knowing what's the default one (it isn't 25ms for sure

While screenshot may be rough for peakmeter anyone can check live preview with own foobar: First window is peakmeter spectrum, then built in peakmeter, then channel spectrum as peakmeter and one expanded. It seems like after reducing channel spectrum panel to one bar per channel there is some kind of interpolation (it isn't dispaying only low FR) but not as reasonablly accurate peakmeter. I expected similarity with peakmeter spectrum as they share same settings: same FFT size, refresh interval, only not sure about FFT mode. Channel spectrum panel behaves very vivid and peak meter spectrum and built-in peakmeter bahaves almost same
Also not knowing chanell spectrum's values, from it linearity and range scale set to 100 I guess it starts from 60dB though it doesn't metter very much to this issue as similar (worse) result is even if it starts from 70dB

Any thoughts as is this even possible, or I shouldn't expect that for some reasons etc?

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