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ColumnsUI: Still Learning - Some visual queue help needed

Hey everyone,
Im new to the program but im trying to figure everything out. I like a more simple layout (and foobar's ability to fix the small quirks that bothered me about iTunes are great). What I have here is very functional to me and I am happy with it all except a few small things, I was hoping to get help with those:

1. How do I get the borders between components on columns UI to either change color or go away?
2. Is there an easier way to change the buttons than by creating a png for each one?
3. I saw someone at one time (and cant find it anymore) with the item info and artwork boxes seemingly merged with reflections on the art and the info starting within that reflection. Is that a component that I am not finding?

These are probably really dumb questions that are answered in 10 other places but I have been searching for a day and cant find anything helpful.


ColumnsUI: Still Learning - Some visual queue help needed

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I just clicked the fast reply so that's what you're getting.

1. Change visual style of windows. I.e. ditch that aero and find something "nicer". Or use the panel_splitter component for columns_ui (see 3.)
2. Dunno. Don't think so, (it isn't that hard is it?)
3. Probably made with panels_ui if it was a long while ago, but that plugin is not discussed/supported anymore. If it was more recently it was probably the panel_splitter which gives you customizeability at the prize at complexity (at least it seem so to me).

ColumnsUI: Still Learning - Some visual queue help needed

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THank you, that took care of 1 and almost 3, now i just need to figure out the reflection....

and my question about #2 was mostly that I wasnt sure if you could reference to sections of a single png

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