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Grouping and sorting by column headers in NG playlist

is it normal behaviour that clicking on a column title (to send the sort by coumnname command) will change the grouping (this means, if I have watched it right, that normal order as whitout grouping is set up again, then grouping only items who are in the same group with its predecessor).
What I would wish is that clicking a column title doesn't sort "overall" but only by means of inner-group sorting, so the group-sets aint changed in mathematical way of seeing a set.

I have solved the problem by adding the grouping script of NG playlist to the individual column sort scripts. Is this lousy scripting or is there no other way to realize what I want?

€dit: and even this workaround doesn't exactly do what I want, as clicking on columns does not only affect inner-group-order, but also the group order, the group"names" being a part of the sorting indicator.
This means e.g., that clicking a column a second time to change the order upside down will also switch the groups from bottom to top. Not very nice.


Grouping and sorting by column headers in NG playlist

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First off, your post has little to do with this thread.

Grouping is applied to a playlist after sorting has taken place.
This makes grouping dependent upon the order of the tracks in the playlist.
This is an unchangeable behavior.

If you would like to sort files "inside" of a group. the best way to do this is to select all the tracks in the group and then select "Sort >" from the context menu.

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