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is there a plugin similar to JTF for winamp?

i really miss it, foo_pl_hopper for 0.8.3 was quite useful i know it hasnt been ported, but has anyone made a replacement?

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i know that there is a "plugin" that emulates this feature, however it is not really a "foobar" component per se...

i don't know how it works , but whenever i "ctrl+j" in foobar, i get the feature you're speaking of, and i can't imagine foobar without it !

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foo_menu_addons offers the functionality of the old playlist hopper plugin and even more.

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if what you want is search in playlist and add to playback queue you can use automate foobar
automate foobar isn't a hack but a autohotkey script.
it change behavoir of search window ( same as playlist find mode )
- ctrl enter (numpad ) add to playback queue file selected in search window
- shift ctrl enter (numpad ) add to playback queue all files in search window
- up down change selected file in search window
- enter (numpad ) play file and close search
- f3 change playlist if search window is foreground

shortcuts (add to playback queue) also work in album list panel

also shortcuts to load dsps presets and autocrossfader/playback mode
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