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Foobar2000 In Openoffice?

Hi there,

do anyone know a possible Way (for Dummies like me) to integrate foobar in OpenOffice or Word.
My Problem is, I need to transcript some Interviews from a mp3 file and (in my oppinion) the best way is a player inside a Textprogram where I can push a Keycombination for Play, Stop, maybe 5 sec. back (to hear the Text I transcript once again) and so on.

Do anyone knows somthing?

Thanks a lot and sorry about my english...

Your´s Dirk

Foobar2000 In Openoffice?

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you could set "global" hotkeys for playback actions in foobar preferences, so that you can stop or rewind in any application while foobar is running

regards ilikedirt

Foobar2000 In Openoffice?

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Thanks, that´s want I need!

Footbar rulez! (more than I think - I think)

And.. Ehm, another question for the work I do; is there a possible way to play a track (with foobar) slower then he normaly ist (especialy with normalisation of the voice)? Because I have to write the Interview and I am not the fastest in writing things on PC

Bye, Dirk

Foobar2000 In Openoffice?

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Use the SoundTouch DSP. If you don't have it yet, you can get it from kode54's page. It is also contained in the special installer.

Foobar2000 In Openoffice?

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Ok, thats it! (I havn´t found it because I do not remember to activate it)

And after this, the last Question (I hope so  ):

Is it possible to create a shortcut for the Tempo adjust in SoundTouch? I havn´t found it in the Core / Shortcuts. If its possible, everything is perfect  Means: I can write, I can slowly write and I can correct anything by hearing it in the normal speed without entering the Menu!

Thanks a lot for our help and especially thanks to Peter Pawlowski and all the other Guys for the best and uglyest  Player I´ve ever seen!! 

Bye, Dirk

@ foosion, Congratiulation, Your Reply was your No. 999!!!!!


Foobar2000 In Openoffice?

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Is it possible to create a shortcut for the Tempo adjust in SoundTouch?[a href="index.php?act=findpost&pid=271896"][{POST_SNAPBACK}][/a]
Unfortunately not.

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