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Foobar - Correct Audio Setup Instructions

I am new to this site, so be patient as I adapt to the protocols.

The query is:  I am operating Foobar2000 v 1.6.8 on by lenovo ideapad connected either by Audiquest Forest USB or Bluetooth APTX HD from my Oppo phone to a Cambridge CXA 61 amp.

1. What are the best settings and downloads I should using with Foobar USB to optimise audio quality?  I am also curious as to Foobar's up sampling works - if it works at all?

2. Bluetooth is straight forward because it bypasses the indeapad.

So what I need are concise step by step instructions to enhance my audio experience.

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Re: Foobar - Correct Audio Setup Instructions

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Just set the USB output to the Cambridge CXA 61 [exclusive]. this will allow the amp to auto change the output sample rate based on the playing formats sample rate.

Only upsample\downsample if you absolutely have to e.g. DAC doesn't support the sample rate your playing.
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