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Title: Client plugin for Firefly / iTunes server?
Post by: .brum on 2009-03-15 11:16:13

I'm looking for an alternative to remotely stream (e.g. to the office) my music collection from a ReadyNAS Duo. I've previously used dedicated browser jukeboxes such as Netjuke and Jinzora, but since the NAS runs a Firefly DAAP server, I thought I'd try utilising that together with Foobar2000.

I couldn't find a plugin, however, so now I'm wondering whether that hasn't been done already? Are there perhaps technical issues with integrating Foobar2000 with a DAAP server?

It would just be so sweet to be able to skip iTunes altogether, I already use foo_dop for iPod management adn the facets UI .


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