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Title: Throwing DSD to DAC with native support?
Post by: Sebasg on 2020-12-20 20:38:53
I've been using android foobar for over a year now with my FLAC library, and it works great. I have an LG v50 with a built in ES9218P DAC, which supports native DSD, DXD, and MQA.

Foobar has been more than perfect for my FLAC library, seeming to handle replaygain better than any other app, but now that I've been possessed by the DSD spirit I have a bit of a problem. I had used a separate app for my DSF files, which seemed to be all I needed, but comparison to the built-in system player made a world of difference. It seems that almost no app except the LG music player actually plays the native DSD stream right out of the DAC without internal processing of some kind.

Now that I've discovered WavPack for DSD, I see that foobar can handle the files again, but my question is this:

Knowing that foobar for windows cannot handle DSD without extra plugins and a DSD DAC hooked up to the PC, Is there some way to make sure that the android app throws all datastream processing to my phone's DAC? I played my WavPack files to compare them to the DSF files played through the system player and they sounded almost identical, save for the replaygain. But replaygain seems to imply that foobar is doing some processing before it reaches the chip, is it downsampling to PCM?

If there's a simple solution to this on the software side, I'd be set for life, cause I REEEEEEALLY don't wanna have to use the crappy system player app for Native DSD, and would doubly like to be able to use WavPack compression to save space, and the system app can't handle those.
Title: Re: Throwing DSD to DAC with native support?
Post by: Binarioman on 2021-03-31 05:12:30
I´m a iPhone user. I have same question for DSD. I think developers are not interested to support the mobile version. No answers.