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amr-wb : higher bit rate helps in noisy conditions ?

I'm playing with using amr-wb for podcast recordings on my android.  I'm really size constrained, and it seems amr-wb does a better job than opus in the 12 kbps range.  But the same as opus ~ 16 kbps. See:

I'll be using this over the car radio, so a relatively noisy environment.

The Library of Congress uses amr-wb for some of its sound recordings. In its description of the codec:

The available bitrates are: 6.60, 8.85, 12.65, 14.25, 15.85, 18.25, 19.85, 23.05 and 23.85 kbps. The lowest rate that provides excellent speech quality in a clean environtment is 12.65 kbps. Higher rates are useful in background noise conditions......

Now if I need to go up to the 16 kbps range, I might as well use opus, which I use for all my music. But does it make sense that a higher bitrate makes any difference in noisy conditions ?? If I have excellent speech quality at a low noise level, don't I have excellent speech quality at a high noise level? I may need to increase the volume to compete with the noise, but the speech quality hasn't changed. And a higher bitrate doesn't increase the volume. Correct?

amr-wb : higher bit rate helps in noisy conditions ?

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That refers to the noise of the recording, not the noise of the playback environment.


amr-wb : higher bit rate helps in noisy conditions ?

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Ah. So if I'm transcoding, then 12.65 kbps will work? Great.


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