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Change in composer sort behavior

Hi.  I recently upgraded from v1.5.1 to v1.6.1 and I'm seeing some different behavior regarding composer sort name behavior with MP3/ID3.  I have a "Standard field" defined like so, "Composer Sort=COMPOSERSORT".  Previously, this would get saved in ID3 as TXXX:COMPOSERSORT.  Now, it's getting translated to TSOC, and when it's read back, it comes up in Properties as "COMPOSERSORTORDER", rather than the Standard Field I have defined.  This is a problem.  If I change the Standard Field to COMPOSERSORTORDER, then messes up other codecs, notably Ogg Vorbis, where it should be COMPOSERSORT.  And, now I have MP3 files that are mixing TXXX:COMPOSERSORT and TSOC.  To work around all this, I would to have to have two Standard Fields that I switch between, depending on codec, and change a bunch of configuration to look for COMPOSERSORT or COMPOSERSORTORDER interchangeably.  Ouch!  Is there something else I can do?

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