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3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Wine/Spider Monkey Panel/Script bugs on Linux
Last post by TT -
Drag and drop bug for all themes using TheQwertiest playlist script e.g CatRox/Georgia/Georgia-ReBORN etc...
( Drag and drop works in the window if you use Files -> Add files/folder ).

Wine bug reported here.


WilB's library and biography script bugs:

Library options menu and Library right click search context menu crashes foobar.

Biography does not download and save ( to HDD ) artist images ( and allmusic ) and
Biography options plus Biography right click context menu crashes foobar.


WilB's comment:

Regarding saving images, as noted above, the first part of the process is to call windows cscript that's run through ActiveXObject('WScript.Shell').
This in turn calls an external .vbs file that streams and saves the images. To do this, the .vbs file uses a number of further objects:

Code: [Select]



I guess as these are in an external file they're normally run by windows & may be independent of SMP.

I think it would need someone with coding skills running Linux (which I don't have & so can't test anything) to debug exactly where it's failing and to see if it's possible to work around it.
Otherwise SMP may need to be updated with new methods.

Right-click error is due to: doc.parentWindow.clipboardData.getData, where doc is ActiveXObject('htmlfile').
So the error seems to be due to some issue with that ActiveXObject method in Linux .
It's used to paste from clipboard. So another way of accessing the clipboard may be needed, or comment out usage.

Options uses the SMP ShowHtmlDialog. ShowHtmlDialog v2 is in SMP current tasks and plans.
Development - (fb2k) / Re: A working $if string to show artwork
Last post by marc2k3 -
Close foobar2000 and open user-components\foo_spider_monkey_panel\samples\complete\js\helpers.js in a text editor. Replace the existing _getFiles function on line 260 with this.

Code: [Select]
function _getFiles(str, exts, newest_first) {
let files = [];
const folders = str.split('|').map((item) => item.trim());
for (const folder of folders) {
if (_isFolder(folder)) {
let e = new Enumerator(fso.GetFolder(folder).Files);
for (; !e.atEnd(); e.moveNext()) {
const path = e.item().Path;
if (!exts || exts.includes(_getExt(path))) {
if (newest_first) {
return _.orderBy(files, (item) => {
return _lastModified(item);
}, 'desc');
} else {;
return files;

You can now open foobar, right click the thumbs panel>Set custom folder and separate multiple folders with a | character. Using $if won't work. If folders don't exist/are empty, they will be ignored.
AAC - General / Re: AAC for speech - as low as reasonable?
Last post by Markuza97 -
So far I planned on using Audacity for recording and exporting

I always had MUCH better results (quality) by using my mobile phone to record voice
and then doing a little bit of editing (cut, amplify...) using Audacity.
My house is very old. Back then proper grounding was not required
so I have lots of noise and interference.

I just did my own test.
The lowest I can go is 32 kHz. I noticed big quality decrease by using 24 kHz and lower.
I tested MP3 (LAME) and AAC-LC (qaac).
The lowest I would go is qaac V54 (56 kbit/s) and LAME -V6 (64 kbit/s)

Development - (fb2k) / Re: A working $if string to show artwork
Last post by marc2k3 -
$if functions can't do that. You can't magically make them become sentient enough to determine what your intent is and your string is in fact a folder path and it needs to check the filesystem if it exists or not. It would need a special $is_folder function or something which is unlikely to ever happen.

I guess the thumbs.js script could be modified to handle multiple folders. Infact very old versions of the same script for components pre-dating SMP used to have that functionality but it was removed - mainly because the input box had a limitation on the number of characters it could accept. That limitation no longer exists so adding it back should be easy enough. I'll think about it.
AAC - General / Re: AAC for speech - as low as reasonable?
Last post by ThaCrip -
The OP mentioned Opus briefly above. with Opus I think you can go as low as 13kbps and still have passable audio quality and will drastically cut down on file size, especially if you got many hours of audio. you can tell sound quality at 13kbps is not as good as original source, as you can notice the sound quality drop off, but it's not significantly worse.

basically when it comes to speech with Opus I typically use 13kbps, but I would avoid going any lower. but you can play with it a bit and if it's not up to the standard you want you can raise bit rates a bit (maybe 16kbps, 20kbps, 24kbps, 32kbps). but since it's just speech, we don't need music level transparency.

but in terms of smart phones one can play Opus with the mobile version of Foobar2000 etc and one can play Opus files in Firefox browser etc.

p.s. for measure, just looking at a bunch of speech recordings I encoded with Opus @ 13kbps... 5 days 16hrs 44min 30sec of speech audio is only 783MB in size.
AAC - General / Re: AAC for speech - as low as reasonable?
Last post by Brand -
As per the "supported platforms / codecs" link above, I should offer AAC with OGG as fallback.
If it's for browser playback, I think you can do AAC + Opus. Opus is significantly better than OGG Vorbis and it should work just as well as an alternative for the few browsers that might not support AAC. (Opus is in fact even better than HE-AAC, so you should list it first, if you want to save bandwidth.)
The only reason to use Vorbis instead of Opus would be for something like a libre-only Linux distro with an old version of Firefox that hasn't been updated in almost 10 years -- a very unlikely scenario. (According to this, Firefox has supported Opus since 2012.)