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[request:] history for used playlists

Both Windows Explorer and Internet Explorer have shortcuts to navigate quickly back (alt + arrow left) and forward (alt + arrow right) in the history of visited folders / websites.

I am missing such a function in foobar2000 and would be very glad if an implementation could be considered please.

I have nearly 70 playlists and often for example I am copying audio tracks from one playlist into another one and after that I would like to go back to that source playlist where I was coming from but it is difficult for me to find it on the huge amount of playlist tabs although I sorted my playlists alphabetically.
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[request:] history for used playlists

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I would like to see this too, and even more: I would add that deleting playlist should also redirect to previously used playlist (and not to next numbered playlist as it is now)

[request:] history for used playlists

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Today kerpondile has released his component Playlist History.

It serves exactly this purpose (to navigate quickly back and forward in the history of visited playlists) and it works perfectly.
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[request:] history for used playlists

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In the new version I have also implemented the feature requested by 2E7AH.