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General - (fb2k) / Re: foobar2000 safe mode ?
Last post by Chibisteven -
What's the point dude?

  • Back up your stuff and keep simple hashes to monitor for any changes.
  • Give her a copy of your library.
  • Setup a simple UPNP server.

None of this is as complicated as you think it is and I'm pretty sure your girlfriend isn't going to mess everything up intentionally and the probability of an accident is low, which proper back ups and hashes can help with.

A simple UPNP server means users don't need foobar2000 installed to access your library only an application or set top device that supports it.  This type of setup is read only.

foobar2000 installations on two separate machines means users have their own configurations for their own devices.  On the same system, separate user accounts means each user has their own configuration.

If you're worried about your girlfriend maliciously messing everything up there is two things to consider (a) you're paranoid and need to stop treating your girlfriend like crap or (b) you got bad taste in women who are shallow enough to do something like that to you in the first place.
Vinyl / Re: Needle Drop?
Last post by AndyH-ha -
It is making a digital recording from an analogue source:
a phono preamp instead of a microphone preamp,
a cartridge transducer instead of a microphone transducer,
a phonograph record instead of a musical instrument or voice.
The ADC is the same in both cases.
The recording program is the same in both cases.
General Audio / Re: MQA (at least on Tidal Masters) sounds "muddy" to me. Am I nuts?
Last post by krabapple -
I'm new here and NOT a sophisticated audio guy, but I do appreciate (what I non-scientifically think is) good sound. I've played around with "Tidal Masters" vs "Tidal Hi-Fi" (regular lossless) for hours on both my LG V30 and Dragonfly red (via a PC) through very good earbuds (AKG-K3003) and in my car through a great speaker system (using the V30), and MQA always sounds compressed and muddy (or weirdly distorted) to me while "regular" Tidal Hi-Fi sounds clean and terrific. Yet all the on-line reviews I read about MQA talk about how great it sounds, with most of the complaints having to do with its "commercial" aspects.

Am I nuts, or is MQA not only "an emperor with no clothes" but "an emperor with UGLY clothes"?


Not nuts, but probably wrong.  Not about MQA per se, but about the reasons for whatever differences you claim to hear.  
General Audio / EAC hangs on a particular CD
Last post by eminenz -
I love EAC. I've ripped scads of CDs to back up my collection. Certain websites give me a 100% log score.
Occasionally EAC will have trouble ripping a CD. In the past, I've always been able to circumvent the problem by ripping it on another computer.
Two days ago I tried ripping a brand-new, pristine commercial CD (Decca Classics label). I detected gaps, created a cue sheet, and then the rip hung at track 32 of 34. I rebooted, tried again, same result. (I've successfully ripped other CDs before and since.)
I tried ripping it on my backup computer, which has pretty much always managed to come through. This time EAC hung while detecting gaps.
Today I took it to a third computer that I've used successfully on occasion. It took forever to detect gaps, but completed. I created a cue sheet. But it's been stuck ripping track 28 for several hours.
Any suggestions? The CD plays fine.
Thanks so much for reading this and any advice you may have!
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