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Scientific Discussion / Re: Help me understand why sound is one dimensional
Last post by jsdyson -
environment given multiple scalar sound measurements vs. time.

I don't understand "scalar" part of the sentence, you mean that we can vectorize the sound propagation with a microphone array... how ?
It can only be performed in the far field IMO (if it is possible)

I am not saying how (by what method), except that information about the environment can be inferred by using multiple sensors.  A single sensor with no other information would only provide 1 dimension of data.  Perhaps the distance between two impulses can be measured -- but what is the reference point of the two?  SO, one sensor basically gives you the ability to detect sound at that point only (no directional information.)  With multiiple sensors, things like reflections and signal intensity can start to be used to guess better at directions.  I am not claiming exactly what kind of data about the environment that can be figured out.  For example, a lot of information can be figured out about earthquakes by simply listening -- not even pinging of any kind.  By using more sensors -- more kinds of information (dimensions) can possibly be derived.  By explicitly adding a controlled source of some kind, even more information might be able to be obtained. (or, maybe with a controlled source of some kind, the precision might be greater.)
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: foo_dsp_effect
Last post by JohnTravolski -
Being able to type in the numbers looks great.  I think the splitting of the UI elements is on the right track as well; I'm specifically interested in the playback rate section (I don't see it in the image), and assuming that I can display the playback rate section by itself, then I think what you have looks good!
General Audio / Strange frequency spike near 18kHz in song
Last post by blurry_light -
Hello, all.

I apologize if this isn't the appropriate subforum, I couldn't find a more suitable one.

As I was listening to Sonic Mania's FLAC soundtrack (provided via a download code after one purchases the vinyl), I noticed something odd in foobar's spectrogram when one of the songs was playing. Track 9, Comfort Zone (Main Menu), has a strange frequency that's more prominent than it should be.

So I used SoX and Audacity to generate a spectrogram and a frequency plot, respectively, and this is what I found.

There seems to be a peak near 18kHz.

Anyone have any idea what could have caused this?

General Audio / Re: WMP Tag Plus - MPEG4, Vorbis and FLAC metadata support for WMP
Last post by Tim De Baets -
Announcement: WMP Tag Plus 2.10 is now available for download. This is a bugfix release that fixes the "Windows Media Player is not installed properly and must be reinstalled" error message in the Spring Creators Update of Windows 10. Additionally, a compatibility issue with Symantec Endpoint Protection software has been fixed.

These same fixes were present in Windows Media Player Plus! 2.10, so if you already installed the latter update, there's no real need to also install this update.

See the Version History page for a detailed list of what's new and what has been fixed since version 2.9.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Columns UI
Last post by musicmusic -
The spectrum analyser is the only visualisation that's built into Columns UI – if you had others with Columns UI before they must've been third-party components. Do you still have your old foobar2000 installation available to double-check how it was set up there?
Scientific Discussion / Re: Help me understand why sound is one dimensional
Last post by jsdyson -
space is not a dimension ?

A location in space can be described with three dimensions, and space/time (in certain circumstances) 4 dimensions.  However, the number of dimensions for a sound pressure measurement is scalar pressure + time.  One can mix multiple pressure measurements (along with other intelligence in the data -- incl spatial location of the measurements), then allow the sound to help describe the environment (including the source locations.)  This description of the environment is what sonar does (and how the brain calculates the spatial relationships.)


Are you a vacuum cleaner designer ?
(The smallish high RPM motors embedded in the dyson appliances are horribly noisy and is a real pain to endure)

A mathematician should think about the Inverse-square law, no ?

Not directly related to Sir James Dyson, however I did recently mention his gathering of the domain early in the Internet, therby frustrating my own ability to get it back then :-).  I am of much less noteriety -- only writing a part of the early FreeBSD kernel code and doing various interesting things at Bell Labs many years ago.  Most recently, working on audio processors including a fully functional DolbyA decoder -- (some interesting things now happening in that realm.)  Basically, just a geek.

Regarding the inverse-square law -- that can certainly be part of the calculation used to help determine information about the environment given multiple scalar sound measurements vs. time.

Support - (fb2k) / Re: Context Menu
Last post by tipar -

.Shell integration>Folder context menu: unclick, OK, restart foobar, go again, click it again, restart foobar—just in case—.

That is what I would do as first steps. In fact, I will do the second one first and then the first one.
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