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Topic: Topics Sorted By Topic Names Can't Be Browsed (Read 1758 times) previous topic - next topic
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Topics Sorted By Topic Names Can't Be Browsed

I was searching the Joint Stereo FAQ post (called alt preset extreme -m s)in order to link it again from EAC's board.
The old URL doesn't work, of course, so I searched by topic title, but I foolishly used the AND option without advanced search enabled....

Finally, I sorted all MP3 topics by topic name. This works, but they are sorted again by date as soon as I want to jump to the following page in order to see the next ones in alphabetical order.

Fortunately, asking for sort by topic title again allows to stay in the same page while re-sorting all the list. But it's quite not handy.

That's not an urgent fix, since I found why my search didn't work, but if someone has got the time...

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