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General - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar -Choosing an audio via keyboard shortcut-
Last post by Coreda -
If you search the site (I usually do this via Google's site: parameter) there have been a couple topics on this before, such as this one. That particular user ended up using a blend of foobar2000 + Autohotkey to achieve what they were after.

There are a few dedicated soundboard programs out there for this specific task on the other hand, but haven't used any so can't tell you if they support global hotkeys.
General - (fb2k) / Re: Foobar -Choosing an audio via keyboard shortcut-
Last post by anamorphic -
I think you'd have to setup a playlist for your game ahead of time, add the track(s) you want, and then use a global hotkey for Playback > Play or Pause.

I'm not sure there is a way to set one key to a specific track and start playing it. (? Could be wrong, maybe a plug-in?)
AAC - General / AAC (FDK) profiles in foobar2000
Last post by loft -
Hello there!

Long time no activity around here...

For some time now I've been using AAC as the default codec for portable usage (128GB OnePlus 5) and I've been quite happy with it. Because I didn't want to mess with Winamp or iTunes (or any method of extracting the needed files from their installers) I've always used AAC (FDK) encoder included with foobar2000.

The other day I thought of bumping the encoding quality a little (since a slight size increase would not be a problem) and decided to re-encode my library with the VBR 5 (instead of VBR 4). Halfway through the encoding process I checked the results and the size increase is quite big. By sampling 6 albums (89 tracks) VBR 5 is about 1.78 times bigger than VBR 4. (131 kbps vs 233 kbps average bitrate).

So my question comes...

Is there a way to encode with some profile between VBR 4 and VBR 5?

I have to mention that I tried tweaking the settings from foobar2000 and looked at fdkaac.exe's parameters without figuring out anything useful... VBR 4.5 results in VBR 4

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Playstation .psf files in 24 bit | 192 khz Studio Master Quality?
Last post by hakadespra -
here you need to manually write ")" symbol at the end of address in your browser - at least if Firefox 52 ESR. Or just click this link.

once again, and for the last time, i need to say i just trusted the high res audio hype. from vhs to dvd to bluray the quality (resolution) of visual content got better, so i just believed high res audio will be this step for audio content. but i need to figure this out for myself for sure, but i was definitely planning to buy better soundcard, soundsystem, etc..

at the end of the day I AM happy with my audio cd collection. there are all in the same specs, 16bits 44,1 khz, and this somehow is giving me a good feeling. but i would go for a better sound if there "would be" one.

finally it seems to be very tricky. i've listened to a guano apes record from 1997 that got released in highr es audio last year.

yes! it sounded better, but after some hours finding out why i have to admit it seems it is just a different mix of the tracks.

the same with cd and vinyl. the effect when someone says "hey, vinyl sounds better because of this and that", and you listen to vinyl, you somehow maybe listen to it with different ears.

finally. having my audio cds ripped in .flac became "the standard" for me, and i am absolutly happy with the sound as it is.

CD Hardware/Software / Re: Audio CD ROT, Red Book CD-DA data recovery, Disc Rot
Last post by Mustardman -
Back again after several months, and I see that no-body has made any follow-up comments, so I will make some of my own in case anyone is interested (or is even listening!).

The suggestion of using DVDisaster (using multiple drives and the feature that allows filling of "blank" areas of a poor read with good samples from the same disc in another drive) sounded very promising. However, the software specifically does NOT support audio CDs. Whether this is a technical limitation or one that has been put in by the author (to prevent being sued, and I can understand his stance) is unknown.

I did try the suggested 'abandonware' product "PerfectRip" on my own CD-Rs, hoping it could spit out the C2 error flags (so they would help me pinpoint errors), but because of either a problem with my drive/s, or an incorrect interpretation by [mjb2006] on the software, or some setup/ini file settings that are not explained in any documentation (or webpage) that I have found - it did NOT output C2 error markers. Sigh, my hopes had been so high :(

Life has got in the way of recovering my CD-Rs, but I now have multiple copies of them as rips done by EAC with different drives, stored away on both on-site and off-site hard disks, and I have stored my bad CD-Rs in the cellar in a cool, dry and dark place.

I hope to get to them one day...

3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Local Video Player (foo_video)
Last post by fynxgloire -
Drag and Drop だけ?

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