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The component is essentially obsolete now. You can get the same functionality with jscript panel and one of marc2003's scripts.,110499.0.html

Doesn't work on WinXP. ;)

Thanks very much for the reply, but I was looking for kan's fix, not the original component (although it probably doesn't hurt to have it available here).

Anyways, I figured out how to do the hex edit on it and text is working again. But like others have said, images are no longer downloading. I tried the "Provide artwork to other artwork viewers" option but it didn't work for me. I wonder if there is a similar hex edit trick that can be used for images.
So the mapping would be:
Shuffle (tracks), Shuffle (folders), Random, Repeat (track) -> track mode
Shuffle (albums), Default, Repeat (playlist) -> album mode
Uninstall MacType, problem solved! (hope so)
Thank you all <3
Check out BubbleUPNP for Android. It works with pretty much any upnp server and client, and with Chromecast.
In addition to a DLNA server, you also need to be running BubbleUPnP server in order to serve local audio to Chromecast.

General Audio / Re: Are we too polite to subjectivists?
Last post by ajinfla -
What does that even mean?
Dunning-Kruger prevents them from being cognizant of word meanings, like subjectivist - not desperately needing pseudo-scientific/objective reasons to prop up their choices.
If you are on a crusade, join sites like Chris Conmans CA and DiyAudio, point out the anti-blind test characters like Jakob2 - is a high fashion audio jewlery peddling guerrilla marketer and mmerrill99 is none other than John Cuinas aka jkeny, a magic DAC peddler/shyster. Etc, etc.
You're wasting your talents here.
Listening Tests / Re: Directsound vs WASAPI vs ASIO
Last post by Roseval -
If you look closely at the Win audio architecture, you will notice that all Win audio uses WASAPI (including Direct Sound).

WASAPI can be used in 2 modes
Shared: you use the win audio (the mixer)
Exclusive; the win audio is bypassed, the media player talks straight to the audio device.

ASIO and WASAPI in Exclusive mode deliver the output of the media player 1 to 1 to the audio device.
If there is a difference in loudness between ASIO and WASAPI it is probably WASAPI is run in shared mode.
It is also possible that on receiving the data, the audio device does “something”, e.g. volume control, resampling, etc.
If there are differences in loudness between the 2 there must be some DSP going on.
Anyway, if you compare ASIO to WASAPI make sure it is WASAPI in Exclusive mode.
Check if your media player supports this and make sure Win is configured properly.

A simple test when using WASAPI.
Play something
Start a second stream
Hear them both it is shared mode
Hear only the first stream it is exclusive mode
Not sure if it's mentioned anywhere else but the SDK says this about "by playback order"

// New in 1.3.8
// SPECIAL MODE valid only for playback settings; if set, track gain will be used for random & shuffle-tracks modes, album for shuffle albums & ordered playback.
I've decided I'll try a very cheap model which should also be decent and, if I'm not satisfied with that, I'll switch to a pricier one.
Why don't you go for at least a mimimum price threshold of say, $20-25, steering clear this way off "very" cheap?

That is sure not to break the bank and, at least you don't risk as much throwing away your money (not to mention losing your patience) as you'd probably do by going with an 8 dollar-pair.
Specially if you take into account that, at the latter price range, build quality and frequency response (hence SQ) are probably not going to be that great.

As far as popular wisdom goes, cheap shoes, false economy.