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Re: Forum font too small on full-HD displays

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I have no idea why this can even affect the original MX Linux Live USB session.
Live USB seems to have Roboto installed but only Light version:
Code: [Select]
$ find /usr/share/fonts -name '*[rR]oboto*'
and that's what Firefox picks up. Btw, you can use Developer Tools in Firefox (or right-click / Inspect, same thing) to check which font is actually used.

The font doesn't seem to be installed from a package:
Code: [Select]
$ dpkg -S /usr/share/fonts/extra/Roboto-Light.ttf
dpkg-query: no path found matching pattern /usr/share/fonts/extra/Roboto-Light.ttf

Re: Forum font too small on full-HD displays

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Thanks. I installed fonts-roboto in Synaptic and rebooted and see no improvement.
I did that on Live USB and the difference is huge. And I didn't even reboot, firefox refreshed the page by itself after a few seconds.

Re: Forum font too small on full-HD displays

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I tried this on the MX Linux installed on the SSD and this does not happen, perhaps I further messed up things before reading ktf's post. One thing I tried is saving the HA page to disk, and manually edit the original CSS file. If I don't remove Segoe UI in the CSS file, the regular Roboto font won't show up on the page, even though it is installed and can be used on file manager, menu etc.