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Enhanced Audio CD Help?

I have a few enhanced audio CDs that contain music videos, concert footage, etc.  I would like to rip/extract these videos and ultimately convert them to an MKV file for my PLEX server.  Does anyone know how to do this?  I've attached a screenshot of one of the CDs when I open it with Windows 10 Explorer.


Re: Enhanced Audio CD Help?

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So you are not interested in burning back a copy, which used to be a frequently asked question.

Data sessions can be copied using your fave utility that grabs hidden and system folders and whatnot. But just like a random folder on a random hard drive can contain whatever, you will need to inspect it to find the content. (Is it possible to remux all Microsoft video formats into MKV?)

And some EnhancedCDs would contain ... well, your antivirus may object. Maybe false positives.
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Re: Enhanced Audio CD Help?

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No, I'm not interested in trying to copy and burn the CD.  I'd just like to learn how to convert or use the proper video folders, etc. into a digital file with an MKV wrapper.

Re: Enhanced Audio CD Help?

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Well, can't really say, as it differs from CD to CD, there is no standard. I've had a CD once which had three music videos in mpg standard, 320x240 resolution and nothing else. Other had some sort of VR game that worked only on Macintosh.
You'll have to figure it out yourself. If there is no mpg file with music video but some weird extension file with a player, you're on your own to discover what it really is. Sometimes it's just mpg file with wrong extension.
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Re: Enhanced Audio CD Help?

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Sometimes it's just mpg file with wrong extension.

A strategy would then be to learn enough command-line to be able to read the output of
ffmpeg -i E:\foldername\NameOfAFileThatIsBigEnoughToPossiblyBeVideo.damnwethinkwearesmartbyforgingtheextension.file

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