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General Audio / Re: Fake 24-bit FLAC?
Last post by greynol -
Flac is a format, in a minimalist container.  Flac, the tool is also a codec.  Will Monkey's Audio be able to decode the compressed audio data inside the flac file?  I didn't think so.

Yes, the compressed audio data inside could be sourced from anything.  It is obviously not a guarantee of losslessness, but neither is the original digitized data for that matter.

I'm also reading elsewhere more bullshit like this:
And, WAV is container too. With lossless compress-algorithm.
What's the point in calling sandwiching data in a container compression?

Let's not bog topics down through trivial and incorrect nitpicking.
General - (fb2k) / Update tag mapping - WORK, MOVEMENT, etc
Last post by pymatuning -
Please consider below requested foobar2000 tag mapping changes for fields - WORK, MOVEMENT, etc.

***** existing foobar2000 tag mapping (v1.4.1beta2) *****

foobar-frame   {*1}               mp3-frame   {*2}                             m4a-frame   {*3}{*4}                   itunes-field (v12.9.0.167)
--------------                         ------------                                     -------------                                 --------------
GROUPING                           TIT1   {*a}                                        @grp   {*b}                                  Work (name) [mp3], Grouping [m4a]
WORK                                   TXXX.=.WORK                                @wrk   {*c}                                   Work (name) [m4a only]
MOVEMENT                          TXXX.=.MOVEMENT                       @mvn   {*c}                                 (Movement) Name [m4a only]
MOVEMENTNUMBER           TXXX.=.MOVEMENTNUMBER        mean..MOVEMENTNUMBER        [no defined field]
MOVEMENTTOTAL               TXXX.=.MOVEMENTTOTAL             mean..MOVEMENTTOTAL           [no defined field]
SHOWMOVEMENT               TXXX.=.SHOWMOVEMENT            mean..SHOWMOVEMENT           [no defined field]

{*1} master system flac files used foobar2000 converter with FLAC (libFLAC 1.3.2)  [Vorbis Comment]
{*2} user device mp3 files used foobar2000 converter with MP3(LAME) VBR V0 (LAME 3.100)  [same results with ID3v2.3 or ID3v2.4]
{*3} user device m4a files used foobar2000 converter with AAC(Apple) VBR Q64 (qaac 2.64)  [same results for Apple Lossless]
{*4} "mean.." is abbreviated for "" in m4a files
{*a} note: foobar2000 v1.3.17 and earlier mapped CONTENT GROUP to TIT1
{*b} note: foobar2000 v1.3.17 and earlier mapped CONTENTGROUP to @grp
{*c} note: foobar2000 v1.3.17 and earlier did not provide mapping to @wrk or @mvn

***** requested foobar2000 tag mapping changes *****

foobar-field   {*5}                       mp3-frame                                m4a-frame                          itunes-field   {*6}
-------------                                ------------                                ------------                          -------------
GROUPING                                 TIT1   {*d}                                  @grp                                   Work (name) [mp3],  Grouping [m4a]
WORK                                         GRP1   {*d}                                @wrk                                   Grouping [mp3],  Work (name) [m4a]
MOVEMENTNAME                     MVNM                                      @mvn                                  (Movement) Name  [255 characters max]
MOVEMENTNUMBER                 MVIN   {*7}                                @mvi                                   Movement (#)  [integer only 1-999]
MOVEMENTTOTAL                     MVIN   {*7}                                @mvc                                  of (#)  [integer only >= movement (#)]
SHOWMOVEMENT                     {*8}                                             shwm                                  (show) Work & Name  [to show set to 1]
{*5} foobar-field NAMES are suggested to provide compatibility with other programs and prevent confusion
{*6} itunes-field NAMES which currently provide relevant field mapping to mp3-frames and m4a-frames
{*7} mp3-frame MVIN contains MOVEMENTNUMBER (at start before / separator) and MOVEMENTTOTAL (at end after / separator)
{*8} no mp3-frame is yet defined for SHOWMOVEMENT, it could be SHWM  (still waiting for update in itunes)
{*d} note: it appears that mp3-frames TIT1 & GRP1 would have be switched to make the itunes-fields consistent,
       itunes forums quit questioning why TIT1 mapping changed from Grouping to Work (name) when itunes was updated in 2017,
       discussion in 'foobar2000>support-(fb2k)>%CONTENT GROUP% mapping error' indicates GROUPING is to be mapped to TIT1,
       adding a check box in 'Advanced->Tagging->MP3->ID3v2 revision and quirks' to 'Map TIT1 to Work and GRP1 to Grouping'
       would provide a way to make foobar2000 mapping of mp3-frames '(more compatible with iTunes)' for anyone that needs it.

Thanks foobar2000 for all that you can do, it is the best thing out there, everyone keep supporting it.
Support - (fb2k) / Re: Some feature suggestions
Last post by JDroe -
@ tpijag: I did not say you're stupid. It's more like I feel you think I'm stupid by telling me to try it with a file playing when I'm asking for a function that only makes sense when a file is playing. I'd have to be stupid to expect the proposed solution to work while playback is stopped, wouldn't I?
Meanwhile I tried it on another system with freshly installed Foobar2000 and I can say yes, it works there, but it's actually not what I wanted, at least not fully. The function jumps to the current playlist to the currently playing file. I only want to see which playlist is active, without changing what playlist is currently displayed. As said, a "play" triangle on the playlists tab besides the name would be very very nice.

File -> Preferences -> Playback.
Check "Stop playback after current" and uncheck "Reset the above when stopping".
Ahh, very nice. Thank you for pointing it out. Is this a recent addition or was I just too blind to find it?

Also, any ideas about a "search in all playlists" feature?
Audio Hardware / Re: Help me build my first serious music (stereo) system
Last post by 4season -
For what it's worth, I recently purchased a Marantz NR1608 cinema receiver, and it has a number of useful features:

It's Audyssey room correction can be used with as few as 2 speakers.

Speaker-minus outputs are all tied to chassis ground, and chassis isn't tied to earth - am thinking this may be particularly helpful combination of features when pairing with active speakers via home made speaker-to-line adapters such as those suggested by Genelec here.

I got mine at a considerable discount because a newer model had just been released. I could have saved even more by opting for the less expensive NR15xx-series which supports a maximum 5.1-channel configuration, but I thought I might like to fuss with Dolby Atmos at some point, so I opted for the NR1608. Current NR1609 adds Amazon Alexa (ugh) and a phono input, neither of which seemed like they were worth a $250 premium.

General Audio / Re: Do you keep "hi-rez" downloads as hi-rez, or do you convert?
Last post by lvqcl -
The key here (and many many years ago) is that lossless does NOT mean file type (or high quality file type) but just describe the container which you used.

but, in computer terms, each lossless codec is also container (as it is MP4 or MKV for example). It will play anything what you put-in and will never take care about it's quality. Flac can decode PCM on the fly but loss in sound quality is enormous: nearly twice!

Why suddenly so much nonsense from you?
General Audio / Re: bluetooth car radio
Last post by [JAZ] -
I installed Spotify some time ago and uninstalled it.
It was starting in place of my preferred application and I remember that it was playing the same song, but I can't be sure now if it was playing from the last place or not.
(Uninstallation wasn't perfect, since then the default player didn't want to start automatically. Recently it had some updates and seems to start automatically again)

Still, it might simply be a feature of the player. As an example, if you play a youtube video and quit when it hasn't finished, you can start it from where you were when open it again.
Spotify might do that.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: WASAPI shared output (foo_out_wasapis)
Last post by Case -
1. It uses 32-bit floating point at the sample rate and channel count configured for your device. The component will automatically resample and downmix channels if needed.
2. Event.
3. It's the opposite of Exclusive mode. There can be only one exclusive mode WASAPI session open on a device and all other sound sessions are blocked. Shared mode allows multiple sessions to share the device, they just need to take care to output sound at the format the mixer is configured for.
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