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Support - (fb2k) / Re: How to disable internal limiter?
Last post by Rollin -
There is no internal limiter in fb2k, unless you use limiter in DSP. If you use output in normal (i.e. not exclusive) mode, then Windows' limiter will act.
If you don't want to use exclusive mode output but prefer clipping over limiter, use Hardclip DSP -
Also you can simply use volume control in fb2k to lower peaks level and so avoiding both limiter and clipping.
General Audio / Re: Can special characters in folder naming cause problems?
Last post by zoliky -
If I use the exact same album title for two albums, then my music playing software shows one album and the tracks will display in this weird order:

Code: [Select]
    and so on...

without knowing which track is from which album. Sure, the separation looks great on the filesystem:

Code: [Select]
1997 _ Nine Lives {1997 Jap. enh. · Sony SRCS 8263}
1997 _ Nine Lives {1998 AUS 2CD · Columbia 494398 2}

But on the music playing software side it seems to me that the approach is basically dictated by the player we're using which kind of sucks. I'm using Linux and I listen with different media playing software such as Lollypop and DeaDBeeF. The DeaDBeeF software is basically a foobar2000 clone and can do what you mentioned with the columns but I would love if there would be an approach that  works well with multiple media players.

I think at this stage my only option is to have different album titles for those albums that have multiple versions and for that I will need to append some additional information to the album titles.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by loz -
Here's a quick and dirty hack for autoplaylists that will sort by name if you middle click. Right click>Configure and add this...

Code: [Select]
function on_mouse_mbtn_up() {
    if ( < 2) return; = _.orderBy(, 'name');;
    list.offset = 0;

You can also click entries and move up/down but that's a bit cumbersome.
Support - (fb2k) / How to disable internal limiter?
Last post by Bigcheese66 -
When I play a file that has an ungodly amount of clipping, foobar is apply some kind of limiter. It's more of a dynamic gain control to avoid hard clipping.

I have all DSPs, enhancements and ReplayGain disabled. A clean install of an older version (v1.3.17) also exhibits the same behavior.

Has anyone else experienced this or have a solution?
One final thing I will be trying later today is adding my own FFmpeg binary through the decode wrapper component.
3rd Party Plugins - (fb2k) / Re: Spider Monkey Panel (foo_spider_monkey_panel)
Last post by kgena_ua -
TheQwertiest, v.1.6.0., my script "clock and timer" works well.
But i have a new problem.
I use pseodo-transparence.
After start Foobar i have black background now (pseodo-transparence does not work). If i go to "Show configure" - "Appearence" and press "OK" pseodo-transparence turns on.

Or I make mistake and must use version 1.5.2.

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